Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

1. Living Consciously

2. Self-Acceptance

3. Self-Responsibility

4. Self-Assertiveness

5. Living Purposefully

6. Personal Integrity


During the weekend, I experienced a lot of self-reflection and listened to my body (because the body has a lot to say) – I noted my strong areas and my weak areas. I found this list during a dark time in my life and wrote what each means according to me. I have adopted them as the foundation of my BEING. I also recognize that they are sign-posts on my journey.

1. Living Consciously:

BE present to what I am doing while I am doing it. BE curious about any information, knowledge, or feedback regarding my interests, values, goals, and projects.  Seek understanding of the world external to my SELF but also my inner world so I am self-aware.

2. Self-acceptance:

BE willing to own, experience, and take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, and actions with love and forgiveness, without blaming, evasion, or denial. I give myself permission to think my thoughts, experience my emotions, and look at my actions without necessarily liking, endorsing or condoning them.


3. Self-responsibility:

I realize that I am the creator of my choices and actions.  I am responsible for my life, wellness, beingness, and for the attainment of my goals. In seeking support and action, I curiously ask “What do I need?” or “What action should I take?” rather than “Who is to blame?”

4. Self-assertiveness:

BE authentic in dealing with others. BE willing to stand up for myself and my ideas appropriately, with my authentic voice.

5. Living purposefully:

BE present every morning and decide the action steps needed and desired for the day. Pay attention to moments throughout the day to adjust the actions accordingly.

6. Personal integrity:

Live congruently with what I know, what I profess, and what I do, representing the values I admire. Treat others with kindness, tell the truth, honor my commitments.

How can I support YOU further?

~The Goddess of Healing

2 thoughts on “Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

  1. Love this post! I like the self-acceptance one…We must love ourselves fully to truly be happy! Thanks for this insight…helped me re-evaluate things today! Look forward to reading more posts…Cheers!

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