Exercise-Related Pain

It’s not the prettiest title, but it captures #10 and #9 on the Pain Producer Top 10. For the complete list, visit my Facebook page or the blog post (they’re both yummy).

10. Lack of exercise: I hope you are not surprised by this. An atrophying muscle is in pain, and it’s going to tell you, usually with a deep heaviness and ache that is difficult to pinpoint. Lethargy and lack of energy also occur.

Remedy: Get moving!! Move away from the computer and go for a walk. I firmly believe that walking is THE BEST exercise for our Super Suits, minds, and spirits. It’s FREE; it can be done ANYWHERE; and like the song says, our “boots” were made for walking.

If a sedentary lifestyle has been your niche for a long time and LOE (lack of exercise) pain is occurring, a quality coach may be in order. Definitely start with the walking though. Then begin the interview process. See my article on how to select a personal trainer.

If you are in Scottsdale, however, I have some whom I professionally endorse because they take very good care of my clients. These trainers and I communicate with one another to ensure that our beloved client is moving optimally and moving toward goals.

The one I personally use for myself is Mike DeMarzo – visit his Facebook page, and you’ll see some of my comments. He worked through some of my back pain, and at my ripe old age (not disclosing!), I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. My back pain was really not fun (it was originating from the gluteal muscles), and I’m grateful that we got to the bottom of it  – That story is forthcoming.

9. Too much exercise: A client recently came in who exercised 2-3 hours per day and added yoga because she felt her muscles getting too “tight.” Her main complaint was soreness everywhere, especially in the back of the legs, and that she used to be able to do the splits but now she can’t. “Why?” she asked me.

“Your body has had enough,” I told her. “It needs to rest.”

Too much lifting will cause weakness. Too much running will cause joint pain and lack of energy. Too much stretching will cause the body to go in reverse and tighten up.

I have had clients who exercised so much in order to lose that extra 10 pounds that they gained weight!

The body is designed to protect itself against injury and it will do what is necessary to get your attention and stop you from doing whatever you are doing that is causing damage.

Remedy: Take a break!! Take just a day or two off, not months and months. Go for a walk. Meditate. After taking that break, your muscles will likely have that “good sore” feeling, and you’ll likely be, without logical explanation, stronger and more flexible than you were before you took that little break.

Another remedy: Massage! Regular massage therapy will aid in healing and reverse much of the damage. Healing comes from the body, mind and spirit – when pain is occurring, it is time to seek professional support – and I do not mean medications.

While my schedule is quite full, there is always room for another beloved client ready to take the lovely healing journey. When you’re ready, visit my Facebook page, my website, or fill out the form below. I will support you any way I can.

Happy Healing, Super Hero!

~The Goddess of Healing


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