I Repeat, Repetition

Number 8 on our countdown of the top 10 pain producers is repetitive use.

It’s so funny to hear the stories my clients tell me sometimes. They usually go something like this:

“I have had this pain in my forearm for the last 3 months, and I don’t know what I did. All of a sudden, it started, but I haven’t done anything new. I just don’t understand. I work at the computer all day, using the mouse and typing. Do you think that’s it?”

I love it when they figure it out themselves…

Golfers, tennis players, computer geeks, hairdressers, jackhammer users, and some gym junkies have something in common – repetitive use – performing the same motion over and over. The same muscles firing repeatedly, in contraction and release, cause joint wear and tear.

This kind of pain will be dull and achy but located in a specific area, although the pain can radiate out, like a pebble that has been dropped in water, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the epicenter.

A good example of this is “tennis elbow.” The pain in the elbow is likely coming from the forearm extensors and not from the elbow, and the likely cause is from grip (not necessarily playing tennis) – Chronically gripping the steering wheel too tight, ironing, tennis, golf, bicep curls, typing and mousing.

Does this happen after a day of death-grip driving? No – I repeat, it’s repetition.

The Grand Canyon was created by water flow, constant repeating – The land was unaware that it was being eroded because it was slowly happening.



If your body is hurting, it’s begging for a change. Bring awareness into your daily activities, and mix it up!

Try using the left hand for mousing if the right forearm is bothering you.

Golfers, swing the other way when you’re not on the course. This simple little piece of advice has helped my golfers enormously.

Tennis players – when you’re not on the court, give your serving arm a break by switching arms for daily tasks, like carrying things or ironing.

Keep the solution simple – Perhaps just put the jackhammer down and walk away.

I repeat, bring awareness into your daily activities and make some changes. This is good for the body and great for the spirit too. Living on auto-pilot is not really “living” – it’s boring anyway.

Let me know what repetitive motions are causing you troubles. We can brainstorm some solutions together.


~The Goddess of Healing

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