Double Toil = Trouble

Back to the countdown – I was taking some much-needed time off from work. I do love my work. I am one of the extremely fortunate individuals who looks forward to work. I don’t even call what I do a job because I love it so much.

The hazard to this: I can say “yes” too often and end up working too much, and that can be a burden on the other aspects of my life. There is pain associated with this, and I have to maintain my balance and boundaries so that my body doesn’t scream at me.

Therefore, #7 on our Top 10 Pain Producers list is **drum-roll** ~ Job-Related Stress.

7. Job-related stress:

Once upon a time, a client of mine was in a great deal of constant chronic pain, all over, but mostly in the neck, shoulders, and upper back region. He would feel better after his massage, but the pain would return.

One day, he decided to take a vacation. During that entire week, he had no pain. He couldn’t explain it. Upon returning to work, his pain returned instantly.

Could his job really be causing his pain? Possibly… It’s definitely worth considering.

When I envision the corporate workers, the work-a-day people in their cubbies in big office buildings, I always picture the scene from Joe Versus The Volcano, where the drones march through the mud to their dark dank building.


I would have a difficult time loving that job – I’m not gonna lie.

Remember, Joe developed a brain cloud working there. That is an important message.


Remedy: CHANGE!

I know that I will not spend the majority of my precious time with negative people, in a negative environment, doing something that I don’t like to do. So many people do this…WHY??

I am not afraid to say, “enough is enough” and change everything. Make no mistake – I don’t run when things get challenging (I’m always up for a good challenge) – but I will not stay in a commitment, especially “work,” if it does not bring me joy, if it does not serve me – and neither should you. You’re better than that!

I would love to say “quit your job” – but I understand that may not be a realistic option, especially in the short term.

You can, however, make changes within your job. Perhaps just lighten up, change your view of it, switch offices, work from home, alter the hours, rearrange the furniture, drive a different route …

There is something you can change, right now, even if it is your perspective.

Find the joy in this career/job – After all, you chose it.

If you would like some amazing ideas on how to improve your income-earning work, so it’s less “toil and trouble” and more “woo hoo – I love what I do,” then stay tuned – I have some classes and coaching that will be just the ticket.

In the meantime, send me a note – I’d love to brainstorm with you!

Dreaming Bigger,

Mindy ~ The Goddess of Healing


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