Hold It – OK, Go Ahead…

Holding patterns – Airplanes do it, and when you are on one and in one, you can feel the tension mounting.

The body does the same thing. If I sit too long in one position, my leg goes to sleep. Over time, I can create contracted tissues on one side that will throw everything off.

The “over time” part – that is chronic.

6. Chronic holding patterns:

This is similar to repetitive use, but there is less movement involved. Here are some examples: Driving with the right foot turned out, having both feet turned out on the elliptical, elevating both shoulders toward the ears while typing, sitting on a wallet, carrying a baby on one hip, slouching in a chair, turning the head to look at a computer screen, holding a purse or backpack on one shoulder. I could go on and on…

Remedy: Make a change. It may feel strange at first, but positioning yourself in a more neutral posture over time will correct much of this issue. If you can, ask someone to observe how you sit, stand, walk, cycle – and then notice what that FEELS like so you can correct it yourself.

Improving your posture has spiritual implications as well. In the case of slouching, the effort of good posture, sitting straighter and standing more erect, even if the posture itself isn’t perfect, will move you from dis-ease to ease, and you’ll get many compliments.

Standing Tall,

The Goddess of Healing

croft pose

Slowly but surely, we are going through each of the list of the top 10 pain producers. Just to refresh, here is the list. You can also refer to the original post, which is adorable, to catch up.

10. Lack of exercise
9. Too much exercise
8. Repetitive use
7. Job-related stress
6. Chronic holding patterns
5. Poor diet
4. Dehydration
3. Lack of quality sleep
2. Too much seriousness,stress/fear
1. Not listening to or understanding the body’s voice or language

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