Food, Glorious Food

Number 5 in our top 10 pain producers is a BIGGIE!

#5 Poor Diet – and I do not mean choosing the wrong “diet” program to lose weight. I am talking about day-to-day eating to sustain life and nourish the cells of your glorious body.

When you think of the word “malnourished,” what image comes to mind? Is it the starving orphans in Africa? It’s time to change that image. Malnourished simply means “poor nutrition.” Obese, overweight, underweight people are all malnourished, and even normal weight people can be.

Cravings are a big indication that something is amiss, as are energy level and mood.

But how does what you eat cause pain? I could write an entire book on this topic! In fact, I think I will!

The food you eat affects everything in your body, mind, and spirit because the food you eat becomes the cells of your body. Obviously, some foods will cause digestive problems and pain from that aspect. Some foods, if they are not the right food for you, cause inflammation in the soft tissues of your body.

Some food “programs” can lead to dehydration, stripping the soft tissues of valuable fluid, leaving “guitar-strings” for muscles. Inflammation, digestive disorder, poorly nourished soft tissues all hurt!


Remedy: EAT REAL FOOD!! Put down the “lite” and “sugar-free” non-foods and pick up an apple or a banana. Eat some broccoli.

There is no need to become a trained chef to eat real food, and you don’t need to buy expensive “Super Foods” to become a Super Hero. You just need REAL FOOD and not too much!

My basic philosophy is this: If I were a Super Hero in caveman times, what would I eat?

Now, this is a bit different from the “Paleo” diet  that is a very popular program right now – because I think they went a little off track with their “rules.”

What I’m really asking is: If I didn’t have a grocery store, where would I find my food and what would it be and how would I survive?

My food would come from plants mostly, but I would eat animal-type foods occasionally. Luckily for us, we do have grocery stores – Thank you – I don’t have to clean and gut my fish myself.

Oh, and hello produce aisle! Explore this aisle. And yes, fruit is okay, even a banana. You have my permission to eat a banana.

Let me know how I can support you further.


~ The Goddess of Healing

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