Continuing the Top 10 Pain Producers and simple remedies, we are at number 3~ Lack of quality sleep.

We are in a hurry-up-and-go society (if you are in the United States), and the winding-up is often not balanced with the winding-down. The result is dragging, feeling heavy, lethargic, and plagued with various pains. Adrenal burnout is a condition that keeps our bodies in a state of non-recovery, and it takes a long time to recover from this condition. And one of the most important ingredients in relief is sleep.


I have stayed awake for greater than 24 hours on a few occasions, and my body screamed in pain – and magically, after a decent amount of sleep (maybe 24 hours in a row – I didn’t count), the pain was gone when I woke up. Magic is soo cool!

Quality sleep – that means staying asleep for a sufficient length of time and being completely unconscious without television noise or lights. Interestingly enough, everything we’ve discussed so far can, and probably does, create poor sleep. And yet, the poor sleep probably leads to all of the above. It’s a vicious cycle. The madness must end!

Remedy: Get some sleep in a dark room.

Turn off the television.

Set the Iphone to “do not disturb.”

Turn off all of the lights.


There are two problems people experience with their poor sleep patterns: They cannot fall asleep and/or they cannot stay asleep.

As much as I would hate the reality of this scenario, you must kick Tony Stark out of your bed. He is not welcome there or in your room at all.

However, since I’m the Mistress of Meditation, I’ll take him for you…he he he!!

All jesting aside, please do what is necessary to turn off the brain and get the sleep.

Let me know how I can support you further.


The Goddess of Healing

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