Simplicity and focus

secret of change

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ~ Socrates


I am sharing my story and the story of the inspiration behind these lessons.
My inspiration comes from Leo Babauta, best known for his popular blog on simplicity, Zen Habits, and his best-selling productivity book, The Power of Less.

In the past few years, Leo completely changed his life by changing one thing at a time, by learning to find focus so that he could create, by simplifying and focusing on less. He was able to quit smoking, start running, begin eating healthier, start waking earlier, and become more organized.

These concepts of simplicity and focus and less … they are a revelation.

For me, being a “Jill of All Trades,” I have a tendency and a history of taking on many projects and wearing many hats – at the same time. There have been times when describing what I “do for a living” required scheduling a meeting because I couldn’t sum up my many titles and duties in one clear, concise sentence.

When I started doing less and focused on one project, one title at a time, I ended up accomplishing more and BE-ing more available to myself and my loved ones.

I thought I’d share this story because it’s an illustration of how effective these ideas are — and they’ve worked not only for him but for many of his readers, me included.

By focusing on one thing at a time, small changes, little baby steps, I’ve been able to change some habits, and I’m on the journey of changing more but reaching higher, staying organized, and inspiring others to do the same.

Because we have used the power of focus and the power of play to accomplish things, we can say that this stuff works. And it’s tremendously liberating to discover that you can find focus, you can simplify, and you can change your life. – You can do more by doing less.

Have you ever let go of doing too much in order to do more?

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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