Choose Yourself In 2014 – And Every Year

Choice is a powerful tool of awesomeness … that bends reality.
Reality bending nertastic awesomeness

I think of goal attainment like The Matrix ~ because when you set a goal and achieve it, you’re choosing your reality.

It is so cool how the world bends and things magically happen when you fully commit to your passions.

Five years ago, I changed my career and my life.

You see, my career has to fit my life, not the other way around. I have a history of renegade ideas and entrepreneurial thinking.

My first incarnation of career creation was a home-based business in the medical profession, back before it was even commonplace to work from home. I like to think I invented the concept!

This allowed me to raise my kids myself, rather than having a daycare center do it.

I learned two things from that experience:

1. I can do anything I set my mind to.
2. People are looking for help and being handed a pill.

On a deeper level, I think they are looking for permission – permission to heal and permission to change. They’re just looking in the wrong place.

I knew there was a better way – so I CHOSE to become an option for those looking for some support.

…and you found me – YAY!!!


We all have choices. Every day, we make thousands of them. When you first wake up in the morning, you can choose in that moment to create something so yummilicious in that day –

The bestest choice – YOURSELF. Go ahead and put yourself first. This life is YOURS!

If we all take that approach and choose to do what makes us happy – I think the world would be a happy place.

Even in career creation, you have choices. I have a book recommendation: Choose Yourself!

The one thing I’ve realized without exception: Successful people “choose themselves.”

Everyone has at least one idea (or more) that can make the world a better place. I know you do too.

Perhaps you’re looking for permission…

So right now, you have my permission (although you don’t need it) to make the world a better place…Bend your reality and choose yourself.

I’m looking forward to seeing the reality you create!

Super Heroes Unite!

Cool renegade thinker

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