Whenever I fill out a form, I’m reminded of the state of my personal life – past and present.


Marital status: There are too many irrelevant options on forms regarding marital status: Single, married, divorced, widowed. There should only be two options – Single, married. Because:

  • If I’m divorced, I’m single.

  • If I’m widowed, I’m single.

  • If I’ve never been married, I’m single.


At what point does the “divorce” or “widow” status revert back to being “single”? After one year? Two years? Nobody has given me me the rule book for this.


What is the relevance of the mechanism of my singleness anyway?


Am I a damaged single person if I’ve been married in the past and now I’m not? Is that why the form is asking for this clarification?

Why doesn’t the form ask me what I plan to do in the future?


For the record, I always check the “single” box because the marriage and divorce that once were mine are firmly planted in my past and have no relevance in my present or future, except how they have shaped my philosophies and values, just like any other experience in my life.


But that really is none of the form’s business, especially since it doesn’t ask me if I’m capable of love, currently dating, or just enjoying flying solo.

I’m going to start a petition to have these forms changed.

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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