Creativity and Focus

The most creative act you can undertake is the act of creating your-SELF.

– Deepak Chopra

If you’re someone who creates in any way, focus should be important to you.

This includes a much larger group than the traditional “creative types” — artists, writers, photographers, designers, musicians and the like.

People who create are a much larger group than that, though creative types are included.

Those who create include:
» Those who invent and create products or services
» Teachers who create lessons and activities and content for students
» Professors who write syllabi and lectures
» Anyone who writes research papers
» Stay-at-home parents who create activities for their kids
» Executives who create plans, presentations, visions, proposals
» Ad execs who create ad campaigns
» Bloggers
» People who make websites of any kind
» Anyone who writes reports
» Someone who crafts physical products like clothing, cars, etc.
» Kids who have to do homework
» People who are expanding their horizons and exploring spirituality
» People who facilitate healing
» People who are healing

In short, it includes most of us, in one way or another.

Focus is crucial to those of us who create, because creating is so difficult without it.

How do you use creativity in your personal life? How about in your professional life? How can you use creativity to establish dreams and goals?

Divide and Conquer Create

If the problem is that these separate processes of creating, consuming and communicating get in the way of each other, the solution is obvious: We need to separate the processes. We need to create at different times than we consume and communicate.

I know, that’s easier said than done.

We are going to learn how to separate these processes. Because in the end, when you separate them, you’ll free up your time and mind for creating, and create better and more prodigiously than ever before.

Separate your day into creation time and consumption & communication time.

You can split your day into many different combinations of the two, but avoid putting them all together. Or if you do, just be aware that you’re hurting your creativity. That’s OK sometimes, as long as you’re doing something you enjoy. But if your interest is in creating, separate your day.


Here’s to creating moments!

Holsters and hearts


The Goddess of Healing

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