RE: What’s UP – …the dark side…

Sent: September 20,  3:23 PM
From: Mr. Fun-N-Games
To: Mindy
Subject: Re: What’s up?! aka Tales from the dark side

Chickenbutt? haha What’s up with that?

Hey there yourself my long lost friend! It has been too long…way too long!! You are on my mind quite often. Sorry to hear that you are a bit lost and a bit long….long in which way?

As for you shouldn’t think of me at all, it’s all good, like I said I still think of you and wonder what you are doing (whatever it is, nonstop of course).

Sorry you haven’t been able to sleep and having nightmares on top of that….no good at all…Are you sure you aren’t overtrained? Overdoing it at all? You? NEVER!! 😉 HAHAHA

Uncle-hood is going great! Love my baby niece!! She’s crawling around all over the place and getting into all sorts of things. I love to crawl around also and get the occasional rug burn on the knees. 😉 hehe

Glad parenthood has been rewarding to you. You are definitely a great parent and there is much love there, looking at your pics on facebook. Hopefully I can do as good a job as you have.

YES!!! It’s football season…everything seems to be right again.  Glad something reminds you of me. 😉 hehe

You don’t work too much? Or spread yourself thin? Hmmmmmm…am I talking to Mindy? haha Yes I know you, always go, go, go!! Glad that it is going well and that you do have some vacas lined up. Sounds wonderful. Just got back from a little vaca myself…. Must have put on about 10 pounds.
Need to get back to working out on a regular basis and watch my food intake. I was doing really well a couple of months ago. Had a little contest with a coworker on who could drop the most bodyfat in two months. So I went and had my bodyfat tested with a BodPod and I’m embarrassed to tell you what it was…29%! UGH! Not good. Sneeky little fat cells storing in my body.

Anyway, don’t know if you have heard or read the book “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss, but that is what I did for my little “contest.” If you haven’t, you should check it out – it’s my own little personal bible.  Anyway, by diet changed a lot but was quite easy…did a Slow-Carb thingy…cut out all of the breads, pastas, rices, flour and basically ate a protein, veggies and some black beans at every meal, about 3-4 times a day. Then I would work out maybe twice a week for about 15-20 minutes each time if that…nothing fancy just some kettlebell work. Well after the two months my bodyfat was down to 18.6% (according to my electrical bathroom scale, so not totally accurate but I also did that when I did the BodPod so I could get a similar reading). BTW the bathroom scale said it was 26% when I did it at the beginning. The other cool thing was that I only lost like 1-2 total pounds off of my bodyweight. So long story even longer…after vaca, I need to get back onto that horse and do it again and stay with it.

Sorry to hear that there is definitely something missing for you….it could be me…maybe just missing our little talks and contests and truths/dares, skyping…our “secret” stuff. I miss it. It was definitely sort of innocent in warped way. haha Yeah I definitely don’t do that kind of entertainment so to speak with anyone else…been kind of boring….work…sleep…shower…more work…more work….could definitely use some kind of entertainment again. 🙂 Like you said, we did/do have a lot invested in our misadventures and who would really want to go and train someone else? Especially when I enjoy what the original person so very much!!! 🙂 You can try to imitate but you can never truly duplicate.

You are not immature at all? Maybe you just need to really sit down to some “me” time and really examine what it is that you missing…what exactly is it…maybe write down what it is that you think that you are missing…then ask yourself if that is really what is missing…is it something more and if it is write that down…and ask yourself again if that is it…and just do that till you get a pretty good idea of what it is and can’t answer that question anymore. haha might just work.

Thanks for the movie recommendation…I really want to see it…I haven’t been to the movie theater in so long…I think since the last Star Wars movie came out…haha. I usually wait till they come out on dvd. I love hearing about your training so you have to tell me more about this training that Tom Hardy did and that you are incorporating into your own.

As for your Brazilian waxes….I am speechless…and excited…of course you get me like that pretty easily. 🙂 I would definitely love to see a video but of course you tease with mentioning it but not actually having one. Damn! Maybe you can demonstrate the unique position for me. 🙂 Yeah that is some of the problems with getting them…not lasting long and having to wait for it to grow out to a certain length. Nothing wrong with self-care, I self-care for myself a few times a week, in more ways than one. 😉

And no worries about the closing part…just excited to hear from you…I need to be better about staying in contact with you also, my bad, I apologize. Definitely destiny!!! If you believe in that sort of stuff…and I do…everything happens for a reason….you saw me online today and the universe said time to get out of your funk girl!!!!

Hope to talk to you again very soon. And can’t wait to read your reply to this. You can also always text me, that’s usually the easiest way to get a hold of me if you want to talk/text or say hello or play truth/dare or send pix. 😉

Talk to you later sweety!! Have a good evening.

Btw, my shower this morning was incredible!! Thanks to you and your email and skyping. 🙂 Thanks!!

Love, Mr. Fun-N-Games

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