Tales From The Dark Side

To: Mr. Fun-N-Games
September 20

Subject: What’s up?! aka Tales from the dark side

What’s up??

Chicken Butt??!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

Hey There ~ long lost friend of mine!

Actually, I’m probably the one who is a bit lost and a bit long…and so in these times, who comes to mind ~~ you, interestingly enough.

You can go ahead and smile and feel some warm fuzzies….but don’t let it go to your head!!!

I shouldn’t think of you at all, but I’ve been doing a ton of thinking lately…it’s been a regular think tank here.

…and I haven’t been able to sleep….been having nightmares…not good.

How’s uncle-hood?? That little peanut is going to be 1 soon. I can’t believe it! She must be buzzing all over the house. I like the crawling stage….but I like to crawl. It’s grounding. Well, until I get rug burns on my knees. Then I switch to a roll.

Parenthood here has been rewarding here…and loud….They talk nonstop, which is totally amazing…they’re good people.

I watched some football last weekend. Football reminds me of you…and fall.
I carved out a nice little career for myself. I have some regulars – some I see twice a week! I have a corporate client too. I don’t work too much and try not to spread myself too thin…but you know me – if my schedule doesn’t have 50 things on it, then I wonder what I should be doing with my time.

But there is definitely something missing – a little piece of “I don’t know what” that I just don’t understand. I don’t know what it is. And so you popped into my head, and I thought maybe what’s missing is our silly little banter back and forth. …or maybe it was that “secret” stuff. Having something going on that was sort of innocent…in our own warped way…but special and secret. I certainly couldn’t engage in that kind of entertainment with anyone else on the planet. No one would understand. Besides, we had a lot invested in our misadventures. I can’t go and re-train someone.

And then I really hate to admit that maybe that’s it….my lackluster melancholy…my lack of inspiration…. how immature am I???? I don’t know….lost and confused….

I’m happy, really I am…Teetering on the edge of having it all….and then again, gripping the handrail just a little too tight to let go. I’m feeling just a little bland right now…lacking some spice. I do have some cayenne pepper but that’s not quite the same. It is in the kitchen though, and I like having spice in the kitchen.

So here I sit…and you’re online now…and now I have to send this little confession because I told you I would. The dares that just escalate a bit. Hmmmm… one right after another.

Movie recommendation: If you haven’t seen “Warrior” yet – YOU MUST GO SEE IT! It was very, very, very awesome! I loved it! And then I studied the training that Tom Hardy did to get ready for that role AND another Batman movie. So I incorporated that in to my training for the next 12 weeks. I have to do it. It’s too cool not to.

I did have a couple of Brazilian waxes – I trade with the aesthetician – I’m sure you’d like to see the video – if we had made one, of course – of the unique position a girl has to be in to get a Brazilian wax. Frog-leg. There is no modesty at all when it comes to this waxing. The problem is, it doesn’t last long. And you have to wait soooo long before you can get another one because the hair has to be long enough. So I’m back to self-care.

I don’t really have a closing prepared because I didn’t know I was going to actually send this – until you came online – and then I figured it was destiny….or something like that…

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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