March Mathness

march mathness

It’s March Mathness.

Here is an equation:

I – AxN = 0

equals inspiration or an idea. If you subtract inspiration from both sides of the equation, it looks like this:

-AxN = 0 – I

equals action. The equation above represents an uninspired state; our actions have no meaning – they are less than zero, as evidenced by the 0 – I, resulting in a negative number.

Furthermore, if we are inspired or have an idea and don’t take action, we still have nothing – ZERO.

Therefore, we can assume the following:

I + AxN = infinity

Take your idea or your inspiration, add your action, and the possibilities are endless.

What are you going to do with your idea??

3 thoughts on “March Mathness

  1. Bridgina Molloy

    I’m using my ideas, both in my writing world, and my crafting world. intresting post, was never into maths, but i did enjoy this equation. Looking forward to reading more during a to z

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