About Face

about face

This journey we are on is filled with ups and downs, rights and lefts,
goods and not-so-goods.

If I come upon a situation that is not favorable, I’m stuck, or moving
forward seems nearly impossible, then an “about face” is in order.

If I’m standing in front of a mountain, doesn’t it make sense to simply
go around it?

The path isn’t always clear if we are too close to the situation or a
difficult decision has to be made.

For me, I am not comfortable with confrontation or hurting people’s
feelings, and I would prefer to avoid rather than face.

So when things got a little tough for me in a relationship I was in,
I was feeling lost and stuck, like I just didn’t have the answer,
I did an about face – I found a listening ear, and as I said the words
that I didn’t want to say to this person who was uninvolved in my
stuckness, my answer came to me.

My “about face” turned me around, and I saw so clearly the reflection
of my past like I was watching a movie. I was repeating my past – again!

I examined my previous marriage – objectively, subjectively –
I discovered that I was observing myself and playing the
role of my ex-husband in this current relationship.

Yet, I was still myself, but I had such clarity without judgment,
of what was happening and why, and what had happened and why.

I was in this relationship because I was not supposed to be in this

I took two steps, and I found the sign I was looking for – in my haste to
arrive at my destination, I had sped passed the directional sign that said
“Forgiveness and Good Fortune – Turn Here.”

forgiveness and good fortune

“Forgiveness and Good Fortune” were on the same path. AHA moment!

I finally, after much angst, put my big-girl panties on and I said what I
needed to say – as hard as it was; I filled myself with forgiveness
and wrote a letter to the people whom I forgave; and I did my about face,
continued on the path of “Forgiveness and Good Fortune.”

Turning things around, seeing the view from the other side, can make
us see things so differently.

One little tweak…

One little turn…

180 degrees…

About face, forward – march.

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