It hit me like a truck!

You know, those AHA moments that just slap you in the face – BAM!

I had my car loaded with Trader Joe’s bags full of DVD and photos
and shoes; plastic bins filled with everything that I hadn’t unpacked
from my move approximately 7 months prior; and other miscellaneous
stuff that blocked my vision out of the rear window.

I was taking all this stuff to my new, totally cute, apartment. I decided
the theme music of this jaunt would be my Super Fun Workout on Spotify.

What was that?


I felt light and free…I was giggling…and singing! I hadn’t done that
in probably 10 months. And “Home” came on by Phillip Phillips – How
ironic since I was driving to my new home!

What was that?


I drifted back to the last move 7 months ago – where I cried every day
and felt heavy and depleted – Where I commanded myself to just “get
this shit done.”


Clearly, I should have noted the tears, the pain, the angst and sat
myself down for a chat. That was my gut telling me I was making the
wrong decision.

What is my gut saying to me now?


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