Dare Accepted

Brene Brown wrote a very decent book, Daring Greatly,
and I really liked the concept of daring yourself to be
vulnerable, authentic, and live life on your terms, not to
please the perceived critic.

Even before reading Daring Greatly, I’ve been rather daring
in my life, each event becoming a story in the screenplay of
my life…

…like spring break in 1989 when my sorority sisters and I
traveled to Disneyland. We were in line for the Matterhorn and
met some fraternity guys from Colorado State.

We hung out with them the rest of the day and our adventure
continued that weekend to USC and UCLA parties. And the
one who was “into” me asked me to his spring formal in Fort

Dare accepted!

I flew to Denver, where he picked me up at the airport, drove me
the 65 miles to Fort Collins (he drove that round trip TWICE)…and
we had the BEST weekend of fun!

…like December 2012, I took a friend for a hot air balloon ride for
my birthday – Dare accepted – I’m scared of heights. It was
unexpectedly peaceful, just drifting and floating.

…like January 2013, when I took myself to Hawaii by myself (my
friend said “DO IT”) – Dare accepted – and went surfing for
the first time, walked 90 miles, took myself on a date, met tons
of people, drove around the island of Oahu the day I boarded the
plane to come home.

…like being the mom I want to be – in the way that is best for me
and best for my kids despite conventional “wisdom” or what everyone
else is doing – Dare accepted – so we have the happiest
and fullest life when we are together – we have honest and open
conversations about everything, and I am proud to say that my teens
are 3 of the most amazing human beings.

…like telling someone something nice – like “I like you” – Dare
accepted – just because.

Daring to make mistakes and learn from them…

…like daring to love, regardless what that looks like to the outside
world – DARE ACCEPTED – because I can love so deeply, so
daringly, right here, right now…dive straight in… it feels so amazing
knowing that “love” and “standard relationship” are two different

…like not owning a television – DARE ACCEPTED!

Daring to choose happiness over misery, fun over seriousness; to
move through fear rather than be held prisoner by it – because life has
so much to offer when it is lived with DARING and JOY!

Daring to accept love for everyone, where each love is different
for each person, for all of their uniqueness and tell them, show them
in some way…

…and I dare myself to LOVE MYSELF for all of my uniqueness
and tell myself and show myself every day in some way…


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