I am a fixer. I admit it.

I am a “healer,” so that does make sense.

I do not look to fix little bits of behavior – No, I take on the role of teacher
and spiritual guide.

I have a soft spot for someone in need of healing…

However, upon evaluating my past relationship missteps, I’ve discovered
that the men who had become significant others, with all of the baggage
that came with them, were men who needed my help.

Then, when I mixed in my over-achiever side and do-everything tactics
to this fixer-upper, I found myself not “fixing” but doing. I was no longer supporting
but becoming enmeshed with the outcome.

And I became depended upon to the point of his inability to function without me.

I have learned…

I love the teaching and wisdom-giving, but that does not provide a sound
foundation for the lasting, fun, and awesome partnership that I want in my life.

As long as I maintain that, I’ll set a course for good times.

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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