Good Morning

Once upon a time…

…I turned a simple bank transaction into a beautiful life-changing experience.

The alarm on my Ipad Mini chimed at 4:02 a.m.  I hit the snooze, as any sane
person would. But 9 minutes later, when the alarm said, “girl, time to get your
groove on,” I released the reminder and replied –

Thank you!

…and I woke up at 4:11 a.m. because I’m not as sane as most people…
because I am a Goddess.

I performed my morning bed yoga and took a physical inventory –
What body has shown up for me today?

Much to my pleasant surprise, I was not ridiculously sore from the rather
lengthy and demanding workout I had put myself through the day before.

However, I did open my eyes and examined the piles of clothes and
boxes that still graced my bedroom’s presence after moving to my new
apartment 10 days ago.

Ah…overwhelming clutter…and it began to seep into my mind and creep
into my thoughts, taking over my creative spaces, leaving a film of heaviness.

I rolled from my side of the bed – THE MIDDLE – and placed my feet on the
floor.  I put on my pink soft fuzzy sweater, which has a name – “Pink Fuzzy”
– and headed down the stairs.

I love having stairs.

I decided to have coffee at home this morning so that I could get my
chores done and unpack at least 2 boxes. I examined my coffee flavor
choices: Caramel Macchiato Blend and House Blend. In order to have the
most creative and delicious day that I could possibly have, I created my own
blend – 3 parts House and 1 part Caramel.

Mmmm…smells good.

I began the task of unpacking and organizing. I moved the dresser…AGAIN…
(I had just moved it the night before) and unpacked the set goal of 2 boxes,
plus found a home for the myriad of “make-me-feel-gorgeous” supplies that
my Junior Goddesses and I possess.

However, even with the discovery of the floor and having the freedom to
walk across the room without maneuvering through an obstacle course,
I still could not unlock my creative cornucopia. As the clock was ticking and
my coffee was drained, I decided it was time to visit the world outside and
see what was in store for me on the streets of my neighborhood.

I also decided to take care of some necessary errands. So many people “run”
their errands by driving… I walk my errands by walking as much as possible.

I put my wallet in my backpack, slid my I-phone into the cleavage
compartment of my sports bra (it keeps the “girls” company), put my backpack
on, and ventured outside. As I opened the door and stepped onto the landing,
I knew I made the right decision for this moment. The air was cool, and there
was a gentle breeze rustling the trees. I inhaled the fresh air.


I walked down the outside stairs, twirling my keys in my hand. I headed
through the parking lot and onto the street.

I said “good morning” to every passerby. I could feel the spring return to
my step and my optimism soar.

I approached the bank at the corner. I had not been inside this branch
before. The parking lot was deserted, and I wasn’t sure if it was open.
It was 8:05. I read the hours on the door, and indeed, the bank opened
at 8.

“Hmmm, I’m fashionably late – How perfect!”

I opened the door and walked in. The teller’s counter seemed extremely
far from the door. There was a table/counter in front of me where I could
fill out my deposit slip and count my wealth.

As I entered the lobby and looked around, I noticed that I was the only
non-employee in the building.

I approached the deposit slip counter and announced my presence with
authority with a resounding –

“Good morning!!”

Since the counter was more like a podium on a great stage, I treated it
as such and added with an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm and volume,

“Thank you all for waiting so patiently for me. I see that I’m the only guest
at this party.”

The tellers laughed and both wished me a good morning in return. There
was another man at a desk stage left, probably a loan dude, again very
far away. He laughed too.

Then Mr. Bank Manager who was one of the tellers said, “Welcome! We’re
here just for you!”

I said, “Excellent!”

I removed my backpack and took out my wallet. While I was engaged
in this activity, I continued the conversation with Mr. Bank Manager.

I said, “I am here to make my usual million-dollar deposit, and since you’re
meeting me for the first time,
I should tell you right now that I’m somewhat
famous for making a counting error on my deposits.”

Mr. Bank Manager chuckled and said, “That’s ok. We’ll help you count it,
although Ms. Teller here will
need to remove her shoes if it’s over $10. Ha ha.”

Ms. Teller and I laughed also.

I counted my enormous amount of cash and checks, totaled everything up,
and added a few hearts and smiley faces to the deposit slip. I walked
across the vast lobby up to the counter in front of Mr. Bank Manager.

Wow, he’s tall. That counter was really far!

“I don’t want Ms. Teller to have to take her shoes off to count my millions,”
I said, “so I’ll have you double check my math.”

He said, “She appreciates that because she has trouble tying her shoes.”

We all laughed. And then I looked over at Ms. Teller and reminded her not
to worry – Karma comes back around. We all laughed again.

Mr. Bank Manager processed my deposit, and then a rather grim look
overtook his face. He said, “Well Goddess, it looks like you counted everything
And then he gave me a huge grin.

“WOO HOO,” I shouted and raised my arms high in the air.

He asked if he could help me with anything else. I said, “Yes, please. I just
moved to the neighborhood,
and I need to make sure my address is changed
on my account.”

“I would be happy to look at that for you,” he said. He asked me how I liked
it over here, and I said “I LOVE IT!!”

He took care of the address changes, and I thanked him.

I then thanked everyone for the wonderful bank party. Mr. Bank Manager
walked around to the front of the counter and shook my hand.

“It was so nice to meet you, Goddess,” he said. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you too,” I replied. “And thank you!”

I walked across the lobby and waved my hand in the air. I turned back
around and said,

“You all have a DELICIOUS DAY!!”

They yelled back “thank you.”

Wow, now I feel AWESOME!!

I walked around for another 20 minutes with renewed vigor. The creativity
was flowing again, and I took notes on my phone. I passed a few more people
walking. I looked them in the eyes and wished them each a good morning. I
received a wave “hello” from a cyclist too.

I returned home, bounced up the stairs, and wrote down my special encounter
while I ate breakfast.

I then got myself dressed and beautified for work.

Is this little event really significant? Maybe…maybe not… But here’s how
I see it: Every person I encountered on that journey will encounter more
people…and that smile and wish for a good morning probably lifted their
spirits just as much as it lifted mine.

I wish for everyone to have a delicious day!

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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