Hey Hotshot

Hey Hotshot

I am super friends with a cocky hotshot.

I call him Captain Amazing, because he loves Captain America.

I also love Captain America, but we probably love him for
different reasons….

It doesn’t matter.

This cocky hotshot, aka Captain Amazing, has superpowers…

…like making me laugh for no reason…

…like tickling me without even touching me (but OMG when
he does!!!)…

..like making me feel drunk when I haven’t been drinking…

…like weakening my own powers with a bolt of lightning
every time I’m near him….

…like giving the best hugs that leave me breathless but wanting

… he may play Quidditch because there is a broom that
trips me a lot, knocks me off my feet…

…and he is said to be a “Ninja,” something I aspire to be…

He says, “I’m not saying I’m a Ninja, but you’ve never
seen me and a Ninja in the same room at the same time.”

How can you argue with that?

This cocky hotshot has bravado, personality, independence, attitude,
charm, good looks, intelligence, sense of humor, generosity,
and superpowers.

He may have x-ray vision too – I’ll have to ask him… I’m not
sure if he’ll confess to that power…then again, he said I could
ask him anything.

Clearly he has a secret identity…

So what’s wrong with this cocky hotshot? What is Captain Amazing’s

I’m actually not even interested in what’s wrong with him.

Who the F cares???!!

I’m just celebrating what’s right about him.

…and he can keep that Quidditch broom out and keep sweeping,
because my feet have no business being under me with such
a fine super friend in my life.

This cocky hotshot has ignited my hotspot.

Thank you, Captain Amazing, for saving me from a life of
dreary boredom and lacklusterness.

…until we meet again…

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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