IF is good…

If is good…

When setting goals, “when” is better to say than “if” – it’s
definitive; the action is going to happen at some point.

I do understand that and recommend saying “when” to
my clients…

…but “if” contains more possibilities than “when,”
at least when daydreaming.

Once in my life, a man I was seeing called me “baby.” Given
that I am a strong, independent, intelligent, and successful
woman, “baby” wasn’t high on my list of potential pet names.

I had no idea that word would have the effect that it had
because nobody had ever called me that. However, my reaction
was something like Jamie Lee Curtis in a “Fish Called Wanda,”
when Kevin Klein spoke in an accent to her.

…uncontrollable writhing passion…

Therefore, if Captain Amazing calls me “baby,” I would melt
like butter right on the floor…I’m sure my body would respond
in ways that I could only dream about or read in a smutty
romance novel…if it happens…Oh my…

“If” leaves a bit of mystery, a little intrigue…so if I say “when” in
the sentence above, it loses its charm and dreaminess.

He has superpowers…there needs to be intrigue…

If we are successful at creating a “friendship” that fits
our lives and personalities…If this really works, then our lives
will not morph to accommodate the friendship…

…and the “friendship” will not become an unrecognizable
institution that we both loathe…

…and we can keep liking each other…and playing…

…that would be the most awesome event in this chapter of
my life…

If is good…

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