Kids – This is probably my favorite post! ❤ – just saying – xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

kid Collage

They are resilient and love you no matter what – if you wipe their butts or
they wipe their own.

My kids are amazing, and I’m asked a lot about how they turned out so

Well, to start, they are just awesome people. I can only take credit for
being a guide and allowing their awesomeness to shine through.

I’ve made my share of mistakes – but the kids and I TOGETHER have created
a safe environment for making mistakes, making amends, love, forgiveness,
story telling, and saying anything.

My best parenting advice: Just remember your long-term goals.

Mine with mine:
To raise relatively well-adjusted human beings who learn from their
mistakes (therefore, they make mistakes), live independently, and
provide a positive and meaningful contribution to society.

It’s their home and their lives too – let them participate!

They learn by watching you and by doing for themselves 🙂

Let them be silly kids – and be a silly kid with them – It’s fun!

toy aisle

Let them wear stripes with polka dots or leather and lace
when they are little because they can’t pick out their own clothes
if they are not given the freedom to learn to do it for themselves.

PicMonkey Photo

Let them fall down so they can learn to get back up.

Let them dream so they can keep dreaming.

Take lots of fun pictures and let them take pics – not just family portraits.
Take selfies together!

upside down

Let them tell you their stories without interruption or correction so they can
learn to have meaningful conversations when they are older.

Tell them what they are doing right, so they are filled with
rightness rather than wrongness.

Teach them how to cross the street by themselves, how
to shop in the grocery store, how to do their own laundry,
how to cook (even if it’s just the microwave or toaster oven).

Let your kids teach you – about their friends, their music,
their technology.

Have pajama days – and complete de-stress days that
aren’t over-scheduled – Kid stress is just as stressful as
adult stress.

girls spa day

Everything turns out ok – it really, really does.

Just fill your home with love, toys, books, and super
heroes, lots of playing and talking – and see what fine
people they turn out to be, because you spend quality time
with them.

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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