I touch them every day. I “strip” them out, as we say in the biz.

I stretch them, knead them, beat them, compress them, manipulate them, and observe them.

These are the skeletal muscles. They have long strands of fibers – like hair. It’s like my fingers are a comb getting the tangles out.

I determine if there is dysfunction and where…and then I get to play detective to figure out what action might be causing the dysfunction or imbalance.

I require participation from my clients – I don’t know how they live or move or how they feel – so I ask questions and usually we get an AHA moment out of the exchange.

In the tissue order of things, sort of outward to inward, we have skin, adipose, fascia, muscles/tendons, ligaments, bones/cartilage, vascularity, nerves, organs, and other ooey gooey stuff.

Each layer is made up of its own cells and cellular matrix (stuff between the cells) – but also other intangibleness – your energy, your soul, your spirit, your essence – whatever you want to call it – which permeates everything, every cell, every space between the cell – all of it.

I like to picture it as being vapor that needs room to move around and it seeps out of you to check out who you’re talking to – to see if there is a little connection –

Like the smoke creature in the TV show Lost – I only watched the first 3 or so seasons – Did that thing ever come back?

Or actually, and this isn’t vapor, like in The Abyss, the alien sea creature that checked out our heroes while they were trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

What does that “essence” have to do with your muscles?

Everything – If you are feeling stuck in life or in your job or your marriage – your muscles will be stuck.

If you’re depressed and feeling heavy, your muscles will be heavy.

Conversely, if your muscles are stuck and tight, your essence cannot freely move around, and it becomes stuck and tight too.

If you’re feeling light and happy, your muscles will move smoothly and freely and effortlessly.

Keep that in mind as you move around.

More muscles – Muscles on men are yummy – just saying. Wolverine. Captain America. Man of Steel. **drool**

I used to be afraid to approach this subject publicly because I am a licensed therapist and very professional and scientific…

…but I also do not want to deny who I am…that makes my own essence stuck.

So I celebrate who I am by saying I love to look at muscles. Not bodybuilding muscles though – just real people muscles on people who treat their bodies like the sacred temples that they are.

I love that women have muscles too. Back in the day, when I started consistently staying in shape and hitting the gym, there weren’t many women doing the same.

Consequently, I had gals follow me into the bathroom when I was out to ask me how I got my arms to look like that.

Now I look around, and I don’t stand out so much – there are a lot of us with shoulder definition and triceps that pop. My 6-pack is insulated – I’d like to correct that for the summer 🙂

But what sets each of us apart is our essences. You can look at the same muscles that have the same definition, same strength – and one will be attractive and the other not – because of the intangible that is inside of it.

This isn’t terribly revolutionary – except that when I point this out to a client who is in pain, he or she is surprised and hadn’t thought of things that way.

And muscles need to be touched – BY YOU – touch your muscles. Know what they feel like.

Let your essence flow freely through your muscles – you’ll have better definition, better posture, better glow –

I have much more to say – but I need to work my muscles 🙂

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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