I love notes, especially love notes.

Maybe that’s why I like texting. It’s like getting a love note.

I have a wall of love notes in my studio – notes from my kids and from clients, birthday cards, and just-because cards.

I have a string of notes from the Universe – which display my life’s philosophies
– to smile for no reason
– it only takes one idea to change everything
– today I’m a magnet for infinite abundance and love
– if I look for the “right” in myself and in others, I will find it.

I love notes to myself, little reminders of how I felt on any given day.

And my journal, or notes from myself, is like Albus Dumbeldore’s pensieve – I remove the junk from my head so my brain stays clear, less overwhelmed, less anxious.

All extraneous information goes into a note –

I love love notes!

Just little reminders of “hey, just thought about you.” It’s very little effort – but it is special effort – just to know that someone out there who isn’t even near you has you in mind or may be daydreaming about you. **sigh**

I love to give love notes- I love to receive them.

A little “think about” is enough to keep my toes twinkling for a whole day, or most of it, until I get tired.

I have some favorites:
Like when Youngest was 10 or 11 and she wrote me a note asking me to wake her up at 5am just because she wanted to see me – she could take a nap later. She hung it on the bathroom mirror so I would see it.

Youngest is just like me and loves to write love notes. This is a classic that still brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart – She was 9 when she wrote this:
one and only

I am proud to call you mom…You’re the one I love most…You rock – ask any of your friends. You’re the mom for me.

Oldest made me a mother’s day card with superheroes on it! ❤ I love that he said “practically perfect.” I am not a fan of perfection…but near perfection 🙂

mothers day sh collage

Dear Mom, You are practically the perfect mom in every way.


I’ve received love notes from total strangers.

One morning, I went to the drive-thru at Starbucks at 4:30am , in my pajamas of course. I ordered my blond roast. The chipper voice asked me if she could add anything to it – I replied “just lots of love.” And she did 🙂

starbucks love note

Maybe we all love notes so much because we like to read – my merry band of book nerds – Our home library does contain the Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes…

calvin love

Another good N word – naked! …and a great philosophy I live by –
Life is short – Play Naked!

play naked

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