It’s an amazing 3-letter word by itself:
Out loud
Move out
Come out

AND such a great prefix:
Outrageous (what’s a rageous?)

Science nerd moment: The laws of physics apply to out – Quite simply, if we let out bad stuff, then we create an area of low concentration; therefore, the good stuff moves in!

Output – Input

And then we have flow…and flow is like a dance.

If we are jammed up with grossness, however, there is no room for the yummy stuff. So get your OUT on!


Outstanding and standing out: One of my goals in life – To BE outstanding so that I stand out.

Sure, invisibility has its moments, like in the gym when I just want to sweat in solitude, or if I’m engrossed in a book…Otherwise, I prefer to BE standing out there and BEing outstanding.


Outrageousness gets better and better the more outrageous you are – Seal said it best:

We are never going to survive unless we are a little KRAZY.


It’s so true.


If a little outrageousness is not quite your thing, start subtle with mismatched socks and work your way up to knee-highs with capes 🙂


Outside the box – It’s the only way to live. The box just gets too crowded, and I’m claustrophobic. No invention was ever created inside the box. Nor was there ever a problem solved from inside those walls.

Here’s a story:

My Oldest (now 19) has high-functioning autism. I never wanted him labeled because I didn’t want that to be his potential. Nevertheless, for purposes of describing that he is specially-abled, it slightly applicable.
When he was in kindergarten and lost his first tooth, I cheered him on and said, “Wow, now you can put your tooth under your pillow when you go to bed, and the Tooth Fairy will bring you money.”

He paused and firmly said, “No,” and put his hands over his ears.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I don’t want a stranger in my room when I’m asleep.”

Geez – that’s kind of an obvious AHA moment….and society teaches our kids to be excited about a stranger sneaking in their room in the middle of the night?? Hmmm…

So I said, “Let’s put your tooth under the front door mat. Then no strangers will come in the house.”

He said, “OK.”

At our house, the Tooth Fairy just comes to the front door. I hope it will be a new trend.

SPOILER ALERT: It also frees parents up from the dreaded “I hope I don’t get caught” – It’s kind of a panicky feeling – you don’t want to wake the kid up, especially if you still have a couple of hours of quiet time.

Or worse, you just forget to do the deed, and the kid wakes up with the tooth still under the pillow. Explain that! “Oh, the Tooth Fairy was just running late.”

Shattered dreams suck, just saying… especially to a kid, and then you get caught in a lie, and you’re teaching the kids not to lie – It’s just a bad scene all the way around.

Problem solved!

Out loud –

Words in your head can only take you so far. Speaking them out loud is taking action, even if you’re just talking to yourself.

Like I said, getting the yuck out so the good can flow in is very important – so speak your truth, out loud, outrageously, standing out outside the box.
And then come out and play with me!

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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