I’ve gone beyond the possible…
To the impossible?
No, beyond that…To the possimpible.

That’s Barney Stinson’s made-up word that he uses to sell himself in his video resume on “How I Met Your Mother.”

“Possimpible” is where the possible and impossible meet – where you go beyond the possible and then beyond the impossible.

Made-up words are AWESOME.

Some of my personal classics:

I love the concept of possimpibility – It’s seizing opportunities, which is how I live.

I have a few mentors in my career life and my personal life – people who have stirred me up in such a way that possimpibility exists if I go for it.

Pat Flynn: He posts his monthly income from his various sources. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m just following in his footsteps. Target $60,000 per month. It’s a possimpible goal but I know I can reach it – I have strength and fortitude, dedication, and a fantasmic passionate investment guy just waiting in the wings to have my millions make more millions. I’m so luckilicious!

Tim Ferriss: Yes, the 4-hour Work Week has outstanding conceptivity; however, I had ditched the 9-to-5 workism prior to reading it. It is his guide The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman that contains the golden nugget of experimentation (which I’m volunteering for the next time he is offering) – It’s the 15-minute female orgasm. I’m not going to lie, that is a possimpible delight of the highest magnitude! With my New Adventures of Captain Amazing and his hotshot cockiness – multiplicity in this department is beyond possimpible…to the probimpible!

Jon Tarr: He may not be famous or infamous like the other two, but he makes marketing sexy and is an absolute trailblazer. He talked to me personally one time after I took one of his freebie classes on Facebook advertising – He instilled a huge amount of confidence in my ideas and planning – He said I was 10,000 steps ahead of everyone else, and that if I don’t stop, I’ll hit every target I put in front of me. His voice is velvety and commanding too, so it fills my soul with self-assurance and selfbelieficity.

Mr. KC: He said two things that are applicable to the possimpible:
“You are a talented writer. Do NOT put this off,” and “DO IT.”
He also has a voice like velvet that is both exhilarating and comforting…so I walk around with DO-ITIVENESS!

These are just a sample of inspirational leaders I have collected – I have several others. Consequently, the voices inside myself that used to tell me nastisms and putdowns and filled me with fear and trepidation have been replaced with silky goodness and positivism  – so I embrace life with fortunitude as I will not settle for anything less than successful darific joyousness.

BTW, Captain Amazing stepped out into the world of possimpibility – coming from a place of complete planning to something a little spontaneous – He saw an opportunity and seized it, inviting me for a visit. He wasn’t sure it would happen… Yet, it took me approximately 2 seconds to say YES!!!!!  And we had a FUNNARIFIC time…and I have a smilicious face today (albeit a little tired, but so worth it!)

The relevance of THAT – It is my DO-ITIVITY in action ~ DO IT ~ It doesn’t get more possimpible than that!

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