This Is It…

…the awesome adventures of Captain Amazing continue…

Captain Amazing is a lot like Bruce Wayne – He handles millions of dollars every day; he has a collection of toys and gadgets; and he has a hot rod – although personality-wise he’s definitely Tony Stark.

Hmmm…I’ve never seen Captain Amazing and Iron-Man in the same room at the same time….????

(Oh Youngest Downey Jr. would be really jealous!)

So we stepped further into our new invention of non-relationship fling thing – we decided to call it something so that the other inhabitants of the planet could make sense of this renegade awesome invention we created – We are calling it “dating.”

OK, technically speaking, we actually haven’t been out on a “date” – but then I said, “Define dating – does it mean we have to go to a restaurant and have the ‘first date job interview’ that is really not fun.”

No – it does not mean that all.

Our first date was probably a couple of months long, broken into chapters, where we would continue where we left off the last time, discussing what might be happening if we let it happen, what the rules of our game would be, the exit strategy, etc., …and then the final episode of that “first date” consisted of the critical stage with me stating the obvious.

“If we are going to do this, I need to see if you’re a good kisser – because if you’re not, the deal is off.”

Lucky me!!

Of course, I share my tales with my friends, and one commented, “I like the semantics of this non-relationship, but what if one of you or both wants more.”


I’m actually dumbfounded by that question…

What is more than BLISS?? What is MORE than joy and fun and happiness???

I cannot fret or worry or plan for some time in the future that doesn’t exist under any scenario at all whatsoever.

If I did that, I would miss out on what’s being served up right here in front of me.

Here’s an example:

When Youngest gets sad and a little panicky on Sunday nights, the day before she has to leave me, she cries and says, “I’m going to miss you.”

I tell her, “But I’m here now. Wait until we are separated before you miss me. Let’s enjoy each other right now.” And then we drink tea and talk about how awesome Nick Miller is on “New Girl.”

You want to know why I don’t like haunted houses? Because they’re just like relationships. You walk in all confident, and then once you get in, it’s not what you thought it was going to be, and it’s scary.

~Nick Miller

What is more?  What does that mean?

I have this moment, right here, right now – and it’s pure bliss. I can’t even imagine what “more” would look like.

I love who I am, where I am, the people I’m with, the things I’m doing, and the feelings I’m having – what more is there???

I have a hot rod at my disposal – and toys and gadgets – and ECSTASY, BLISS, and PASSION –

I am riding shotgun, and I have the middle of the bed…Sometimes I’m riding shotgun in the middle of the bed 🙂

…or is that the hot rod??

This is it…there is no MORE…

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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