Today the weather was interesting.

It was cool, chilly for Phoenix this time of year, and my friends and I went hiking in the coolness and wind.

Up on the peaks, it was downright cold! Captain Amazing gave me his jacket 🙂 The whole morning was soooooo much fun!!!

JM told me something that correlates with the weather – that last year was the year of the snake – a transition year.

I remember when it snowed here in Scottsdale in February 2013. That was a crazy day of transition.

While the storm was brewing that day, I was inside Whole Foods having lunch and being “dumped.”

I put my fork down when I realized what was being said to me…

“We are at the point where demands are going to be made…” he said.

“…and I just don’t want you to get hurt…” he continued.

Wait… WHAT???!!!

The sky became very black outside, and the wind was howling.

If I had known that either of these things was going to take place that day, I would have worn a more appropriate outfit – rather than the tank top and miniskirt.

“Ok????” – sort of a long, drawn out — ooookkkkaaaayyyy???????

“Are you sure? Because I’m not going to be making any demands whatsoever,” I said. “I’m quite happy with the way things are.”

He looked puzzled.

I felt like I looked puzzled. Was I missing something?

He said, “I’m just not into this – I have one foot in and one foot out.”


Then the rain came down in buckets and the wind picked up. I could see the blackness in my peripheral vision. It felt like it was midnight, not noon.

“Then why did you send me those valentines and all the gifts, and we talk every day. Have I made some sort of demand?”

“No, not all. You’ve never once asked me for anything or demanded more from me… But I know how I am and how I am in relationships, and demands are next and may be needed, and I’m not fully committed to this.”

“Wow,” I said, which I’ve said before while having a similar talk.

“I still don’t quite understand… This conversation is incongruent with your behavior, but if that’s how you feel, then it is,” I said.

It began to hail.

“It is, and I hope that we can be friends,” he said, “because I love you…as a person. You’re an incredible woman.”

“Of course,” I said. “I adore you, and I’ve had so much fun – I would hate to not have you in my life.”

We chatted more as I packed away the food that was no longer appetizing. My stomach was churning; however, I was surprised I was so composed and was so grateful that I had the strength to get through this, especially when I wasn’t prepared.

He reminded me again that he loved me and that the sex was “off the chain.” 

Well, I’m glad I did something right!

“OMG, the sex is going away,” I thought. “Sh!t – that sucks.” 

We both stood up from the booth, and he walked me to the door of the store…where the floors were soaked.

The rain and hail stopped…probably so I could get to my car –  The weather was being kind to me – probably sympathy for my sexless life to come.

It was the blackest that I had ever seen a daytime sky.

He hugged me and asked if I was okay.

“Of course,” I replied. “I’m incredible.”

I touched his face, smiled at him, turned, and walked out into the weather, leaving him at the door.

I couldn’t feel my legs – either numb from the cold or from the disconnect I was having with reality. Yet, I walked with poise and my head up high … and with one hand holding my skirt down – Please don’t let my skirt blow up right now!!!

I went to work as a zombie… As I drove, it began to snowSnow in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Hell had finally frozen over.

So today, it was cold and windy… It did not snow, but JM’s comment about the transition took me back to that day.

After our tremendously fun hike, I went to work. I was working with one client when a funny thing happened.

I had been given a note by the same man who was the catalyst for my great transformation, the one who allowed me to walk away into the weather with my dignity slightly intact.

He had given me the note in the beginning of 2013 – that year of the snake – the year I spent honing my ME skills…

The note sits on a shelf by my wall of love notes. It has jumped off the shelf once before (another story) – and today with the weather as it is and the new friendships I’m forging, I am really curious why that paper, which never moves except as I stated above, had fallen to the floor.

What’s the forecast for the next adventure?

I really don’t know, but I’m going to enjoy every day, regardless of the weather 🙂

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