X-Ray Vision

Youngest Downey Jr. and I went for a walk to Whole Foods Saturday after my hike. It was cold and windy.

Her sister, Middlest Spiderman, works as a lifeguard at a local waterpark. The inclement weather closed the park that day, which was her day off, and we were all hoping that it would rain Sunday also, so she could have that day off too.

Youngest said, “I wish I had Storm’s super powers, so I could make the weather be whatever I want it to be. Then she could have the day off.”

I thought that was an outstanding gesture to look out for her sister that way.

Affecting the weather would be a fantastic super power.

So would x-ray vision.

If you really think about it, we all have x-ray vision, in a way. It’s just that some of us choose to use it and some don’t.

I don’t mean seeing through people’s clothes. I mean seeing through to their souls – seeing what they are really like –

I’ve been looked at like that by one person – He studied me with such attention – His eyes danced as they looked at me…and then the corners of his eyes crinkled up as if each eye smiled itself…and then his whole face smiled.

It was like he was searching for something deep inside of me, and he found it and was happy.

Mmmmm…fond memory…

I have this kind of x-ray vision super power – to see through to someone’s potential. However, it is somewhat flawed because the person has to tap into his potential and see it for himself and then take action.

I can’t control the action. I can’t make it happen just because I see it.

X-ray vision PLUS would be a nice upgrade, so I can extract the potential out of someone and apply it.

Until that day arrives, I will just see what I see, without judgment, and celebrate that potential with a warm heart.

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