Happy Birthday to Middlest <3

Once upon a time…

…I was perusing Home Depot with Oldest, who was then 2 (OMG, he’s 19!). For some reason, I felt compelled to shop when I woke up that morning, May 1, 1997, at 5am, and I chose Home Depot. I must have been craving the smell of wood dust and paint.

Oldest and I walked around and then decided to read the wallpaper sample book. That is some quality literature.

I turned the page of the book, and YOWZA. It was an exciting moment. I put the book down, stood up, and YOWZA. There’s nothing like being doubled over in PAIN while in a Home Depot.

Toddler in tow, I “dashed” out of the store. We went home and took care of all the necessities so I could get to the hospital.

The day moved along with lots of PAIN and all of the other uncomfortable positionings that a girl must be in on a fine birthing day.

All modesty is lost in childbirth. I’ll just leave it at that. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

I did opt for the epidural eventually. It was not a pleasant experience.

May 1, 1997, happened to be a Thursday. As we waited, the TV was on. I was finally ready “to go,” so the doctor and her staff came in to prep me. I couldn’t feel anything because I was all numbed up – and I mean all the way to my toes (again – not a pleasant experience).

The nurse reached up to turn off the TV…

…and I said, “NO – We have to see what happens to George!”

The doctor, nurses and other personnel gathered around my hospital bed, while I was half exposed, legs positioned to give birth (I had been prepped).

I was surrounded by a few people I knew, mostly people I had never seen in my life.

We were all gathered in my delivery room – a community united –  to watch the last few minutes of Seinfeld!!!

It was the episode where George tries to get fired from the Yankees.

And then, the episode was finished. TV was turned off. I gave 3 mighty pushes (I was just as strong then), and my lovely little daughter, artist closest to my heart, was born. She and I were inseparable for a very long time.

Gwynn Elizabeth (AKA Middlest Spiderman) is a BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, SPIRITED young woman who inspires me, teaches me, makes me laugh, and we have the funnest dates together.


Really, she is hilarious. Perhaps her birth story infused into her personality…

She is such an AWESOME human being, and the world is a FABULICIOUS place because she is on it. I love her more every day, and I am so honored that she is in my life.

Happy 17th Birthday!
PS – Incidentally, this story is how Youngest got her middle name – Elaine – 🙂 he he!

As a proud parent – let me share some of her art 🙂

gwynn selfie

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