The Fellowship of the Falls – Book 1: Chapter 5

To The Falls And Back Again

Day #3 – Lunch and Other Goodies

The romp back from Beaver Falls went sooo much faster than we anticipated. Of course, we had already seen much of the beautiful landscape, so we didn’t have to stop and take as many pictures…and the cameras no longer had much battery life left.

We arrived at Mooney Falls, where we had the great pleasure of climbing up the cliff – That was even funner than going down.



We arrived back at the homestead and took inventory of the food we had left: Bacon, eggs, quinoa, turkey, pepperoni, salami…Mr. Julie McCoy had an idea. He walked over to the neighbors and brought back the Costco-sized bag of tortillas –

Our lunch was bacon-egg-quinoa-turkey-pepperoni-salami burritos – Lunch of champions. #baconrules

They were very, very tasty. Mr. Luge was quite a chef.

Medic Mr. Bobby, AKA Trapper John, was called over to the 4077th to fix some new blister wounds and a couple of bug bites.

I did massage out a few kinks in low backs, calves, and shoulders over the course of the entire trip – you could say that they all had my hands on them 🙂

Anyway, we were off to Havasupai Falls for more water fun…work off our lunch and get ready for our steak dinner feast.

Group picture: Huddle up – ready – BREAK!


Mr. Julie McCoy and I decided to explore while the other three went for a swim. We found some caves up in the cliff. Captain Amazing gave me his camera so I could add some photos.

There was an iridescent little waterfall tucked inside one of the caves. There wasn’t much else to see, but our exploration allowed us a chance to chat.


I thanked him again for the kind invitation for this AWESOME trip. I want to make sure I am invited every time! #gratitude


We returned to camp, cleaned up, and chilled before dinner. Mr. Bobby pulled out his kitchen sink and started a load of laundry. He asked everyone if they needed anything washed – the boys stripped off their clothes.

Mr. Bobby has very excellent housewifery skills – skills that I lack. I have mommy/communication type skills, but in the overall domestic goddess department, I would prefer room service and a maid….or Mr. Bobby…  #longlivebobby

The guys agreed – Mr. Bobby would be invited on every trip because of his kitchen sink – and his medical kit.

As we prepared the dining picnic table “kitchen central,” and the clothes were being laundered, the banter kicked up a notch –

Being a creative inventor, “MacGyver” type of man, Captain Amazing noted his camping coffee mug was just the right size to hold a liter of water. He mentioned this a few times and how he was going to buy another one so he could carry his liters of water on the outside of his pack in these handy-dandy cup holders.

A bet was placed about how many more times he would tell us the story of purchasing the second cup….I said 3 more times…Mr. Julie McCoy said 10, and Mr. Luge said 60.

Captain Amazing made sure I won the bet – on the car ride home! 🙂 #iwontletitgotomyhead


On other camping trips, the boys established the tradition of eating steak on the first night. That was our original first night menu; however, our crafty inventors created such awesome little refrigerator boxes that the steaks were still frozen on the first night at camp.

Once the duct tape seal was broken, the steaks were able to thaw, so they were the perfect temperature for cooking on our dining picnic table.

Our resident chef, Mr. Luge, prepared our perfectly marinated steaks using the very best cooking equipment we had – since we couldn’t have fire – an MSR camping stove, JetBoil, and a frying pan.

The rice was soaking in its boiling water in a special bowl with duct tape “cozy” for insulation that Captain Amazing invented. Mr. Julie McCoy provided us with dessert, small date-based cookies he picked up at Whole Foods on local farmer’s market day.

Mr. Luge was our main cook for most of our meals – If he grew a mustache, he could pass as the Swedish Chef –


Mr. Bobby cleaned the dishes, and the rest of us organized and packed up the food for the morning.

Camping wouldn’t be camping without a scene from Blazing Saddles – while we weren’t allowed a campfire, there was plenty of gas being released around the table.

A good fart joke makes me bawl with laughter, so will somebody farting. And the word ‘poo.’ You can’t beat a good poo joke.

I was flattered really – the guys were all comfortable enough with me and themselves to just be themselves and let it all out. We were outside, so it was okay 🙂

…and it was time for the second flask of rum! Yum! 🙂

Throughout our social moments in camp, my brother performed his classic “Bobby” character, a dim Forrest Gump like character, totally obnoxious – politically incorrect on ALL levels, but hilarious nonetheless – the kind of funny that makes you snort and catches you off guard.

And he has a permanent invitation to all future adventures if he brings his “Bobby” character with him. #bobbytard

As we sipped our rum, we formulated our exit strategy – I was in charge of waking up the crew, since I have the mad skill of waking up on my own at 4 a.m. We wanted an early start, planning for high temperatures once we reached the base of the final vertical climb. Good plan!

I think I had a smidge too much rum that night – Yes, I was quite ready to be under my host, but I was a little wobbly walking to the bathroom before retiring. #madamlush

I vaguely recall the beginnings of a discussion about the nature of our relations – but I either tuned it out, don’t remember, or we got distracted and the talk was never finished –

– so I sit here remaining blissfully oblivious as to the labels of our affair and will remain so…for hopefully ever. #friendswithbenefitsforever

‘Because I like you,’ she said, ‘and I don’t want anything from you.’

The phrase: “We need to talk” sends waves of trauma, nausea, and terror through the very core of my being. It’s heinous. Can we invent a new phrase? Along with new labels? Something cool and nonconformist – something that doesn’t equal prison to me?

A little stumbly and a little fumbly, we made it back to our tent and decided it would be best to set the alarm, just in case my body clock malfunctioned.

I was tucked in, disheveled, spent – I don’t think I produced the volume that I had the night before, but the fun was never-ending –  the only way to fly!  #multiples

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.








Quotes above are from Jenny Eclaire, Ray Bradbury, and Mae West (my role model for all things womanly)

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