The Fellowship of the Falls – Book 1: Chapter 3

To The Falls And Back Again


Day #2 – Camp

Where thou art, that is home.

We made it to camp! YAY!

Sweaty, tired, dirty, hungry – it felt so good to remove the packs. It was time to establish what would be our home for the next couple of days.

Captain Amazing began scouting the grounds for the ideal spot to pitch our tent. He was looking around at the trees and the ground, determining where the sun was, walking around, kinda talking to himself out loud:

“We want to have shade…be close enough to the others but have privacy…a view…”

He stopped in his tracks and looked at the river –

“This is the spot. We’ll position the tent this way, so we have a breeze…and this window will be there, so we have a view…and we’ll put our heads on this side.” 

He was using enthusiastic and wild hand gestures to demonstrate how the positioning of the tent would occur…(fricking adorable!)

OK – Done and done!


The great thing about vacations and going totally off-grid – no clocks, no phones. So we had no idea what time it was. However, this did affect where the sun was and where the shade disappeared to shortly after that picture was taken…as I was attempting a nap in the tent…

…which became an oven…where I melted and was drenched in a pool of sweat.   #sweatlodge

I woke up, dried off, replenished the gallon of fluids I lost in my nap attempt in the oven, and found the guys at our neighbor’s table shooting the shit. We discussed the tent temperature and that we would need to move our homestead and sadly lose our view.

We moved the tent to another location. Slightly disappointed that we no longer had the view he wanted, Captain Amazing was immediately gratified at the 20-degree cooler temperature we had at the new spot across the pathway in the shade.

It was time to go play in the water – Shorts on, cameras ready – we hiked up the short distance to Havasupai Falls.

It was beautiful from the bottom – The boys went in for a swim. I waded about knee deep – it was really cold. The force of the water coming down created a chilly misty wind also, so I was perfectly content to watch them frolic and swim against the current to reach the falls.

DSCF8287 - Copy

The other guys hung with me and told me there were bigger and better falls, and that’s where getting in the freezing water would be worth my while. Super cool!

DSCF8314 - Copy

DSCF8316 - Copy


Ahhhhh — we all felt fresh as daisies 🙂  Time for a proper nap!

So we walked back to camp. Our new tent site was shaded properly – YAY! – so we would not bake in the sun. Since everyone was going to rest up a bit, so we thought, Captain Amazing and I decided to have a little fun – and break in the tent 🙂

We closed up the flaps, just enough for privacy but left a little room for air – it was still 80-something degrees.

From my vantage point, I wasn’t seeing anything but bliss – ahhh, yes – However, what he saw was rather disturbing.

I suppose we should have been flattered by the Peeping Tom who had his face up against the tiny opening we left for air – watching our fun and games – I mean really, we were THAT good that it was worth watching. I have to high-five us for that!

Although, I can’t believe I missed an entrepreneurial opportunity! We should have opened up a concession stand and charged admission.

Thankfully, I was not informed about the captive audience until we were done – I might have been embarrassed otherwise – HA HA! NOT.

I know it wasn’t the first time in my life, and it likely won’t be the last. I do know of a group of boys who enjoyed watching me take a shower when we were in high school. You guys know who you are!

Despite the nosy neighbors, we were able to sleep. I awoke and left the tent – Captain Amazing was still sleeping. He had to be more tired than me since he did NOT sleep at all in the car the night before, as evidenced by his wide awake snoring 🙂 xo

I went over to my brother’s military compound to visit with him at our dining picnic table.  I told Mr. Bobby the story of the peeper and circumstances surrounding the event. “Ewww,” he said.

I’m pretty sure he was referring to the peeper, not the fact that I had just been “getting it on” and I was now telling him about it 😉  #ihavenoboundaries

And then we looked over at my new home-away-from-home and watched the peeper pitch his tent right next to ours – with very little space between the tents – like he was establishing a new suburban subdivision where there is less than 12 inches between homes.

“Looks like ya got yerself a cozy little ‘hood,” Mr. Bobby said hillbilly style.

Great – NOT!

Well, then – I will just have to be very loud tonight. Challenge accepted!!


I mentioned earlier that we had first-class food rations. That is no exaggeration. We had food in the cooler in the car waiting for us to climb out (sausage & eggs baked in muffin tins, chocolate protein brownie bites, cinnamon protein recovery cake, and bananas) – in addition to the food we packed in.

Our resident geniuses Mr. Luge and Captain Amazing created small refrigerator boxes, made out of cardboard, Mylar bags, and duct tape. So we packed in steak, rice, meatloaf, quinoa, bacon, eggs, and lunchmeat; as well as a ready-to-eat lunch of meatballs, asparagus, and potato wedges. #menuofthegods

No freeze-dried meals for us!

Oh, and Captain Amazing brought in 2 flasks of rum to share with me 🙂 Yum!  #getmydrinkon

I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table,
After four I’m under my host.

Um, yeah, I had the equivalent of 4 – just saying


Speaking of rum – I might have to change his name to Captain Morgan 🙂 Although the rest of us kinda got into the spirit of the pose too – He was sharing rum with me after all!  #piratesrule

captain morgan


Dinner and drinks – Our original menu for Friday night was steak and rice; however, the steaks were still frozen. The fridges worked!!! So we ate the delicious meatloaf and something tasty for dessert…plus rum and Crystal Light…

The banter was all guy talk – it was so fun. I’ve always hung out with guys – always. There is no backstabbing or cattiness – nobody’s feelings get hurt – and there is no talk of feelings, which is great. And you’re free to say anything.

This quote exemplifies the dining picnic table/bar talk:

A lady came up to me one day and said ‘Sir! You are drunk’, to which I replied, ‘I am drunk today madam, and tomorrow I shall be sober, but you will still be ugly.


This was also this night that Mr. Luge earned his nickname. His evening attire consisted of a long-sleeved tight dry-fit Under Armour shirt with black long-johns. Thus, he looked like a member of an Olympic luge team.


With the equivalent of 4 drinks swirling inside me, it was time to retire – under my host 😉 He he!! Operation noisy commenced. This is where urban myths are formed as well as reputations…

…I certainly got into my part…I delivered quite a performance – although as I stated before, the company I keep with Captain Amazing is effortless and enjoyable on many levels – so all I had to do really was turn up the volume.

Everything else happened organically…or I should say, orgasmicly.  #yoloswag

I love camping! ❤







Quotes above are courtesy of emily dickinson, Dorothy Parker, and Winston Churchill.


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