A Tale of Two Friends

Introducing Ms. Spa

By all accounts, Ms. Spa and I should be friends – and we are. Then again, the odds are stacked against us as an odd couple since our similarities come to a screeching halt when comparing our needs and wants, especially when it comes to men.


We both like spas – I work in the field and she writes about the field.

We are both writers, health nuts, met in nutrition school, so we both have education in counseling and coaching people to health and better living.

We are both attractive single, independent, career-oriented women living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We make each other laugh.


We see the world, especially the world of men, quite differently.

She interviews them for the potential job of “mate” – I play with them and have innocuous conversations about nothing.

She is more cerebral in her discernment of men – with a checklist of qualifications and criteria – seeking a look and status.

I’m more tactile – with a similar checklist – but I look for how I feel around a guy.

She finds her men through the weeding out process of online dating – and a few singles I throw her way.

I find my men through just living in the world.

I don’t like interviews.

She likes wine. I like liquor.

We do tease each other about our different methods. I don’t think one way is more correct than another way – I don’t think she does either.

I mean, we both have the same gone-down-in-flames track record when it comes to men.

Sometimes we over-think things.

Sometimes we ignore vitally important red flag signals that indicate we need to RUN AWAY FAST!  #trustyourgut  #whatthefuckwasithinking

So it’s really not us gals that have the problem…it’s definitely the guys!  #boysarestupid  #thestruggleisreal

I do think I shock her at times with my boldness and lack of filters.  #crazychick

That’s why we are friends – We cheer each other on in our trials and tribulations with the opposite sex.

I’ve even picked her up from the airport late at night.  #bigstepinfriendship


We know our histories with men – We get together for coffee or for happy hour. We call our sessions “throwing our crap on the table and poking around at it.” It’s very therapeutic.

Given that she knows the intimate details of Mr. X, Mr. KC, and now Captain Amazing – I can pretty much set the stage for any follies that may befall me…and I think that is very entertaining for her.

For example, Mr. KC paid me a visit yesterday. When I told her that he was coming in, she said, “Oh boy…why?”

“He sent me a Mother’s Day card, and I thanked him, and he asked when we can get together,” I said.

“Oh boy – playing with fire,” she said.

I responded confidently, “I’ll be fine. I never talked with Mr. KC about the EX (I was seeing before) because I still liked Mr. KC more. I would totally share my story about Captain Amazing with him because he’s been topped.”

“LMAO!!!! That is awesome,” she exclaimed.


And while I didn’t tell Mr. KC the complete tale – I did send it to him. I haven’t heard a critique about it.


Ms. Spa texted me this morning to see how I was feeling.

ms spa and me


ms spa and me 2


She then said “Wish you were feeling better and we could grab drinks this week,” followed by #semanticsshemantics

“The only day I can is Wednesday,” I replied. “Otherwise I think a drink would do me good.”

“Damn – I’m only free today and tomorrow,” she said, and then added #bummer


That text conversation made me laugh – and feel really good too.  I wish I could go do drinks this week…




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