A New Day Begins…

Snooze, Snooze, Snooze…

I hit the snooze on my Ipad for an hour.

I needed a few extra minutes of beauty sleep before I joined the outside world.

I stretched like a cat and did my bed yoga – two excellent reasons for sleeping solo in the middle of the bed – rolled myself up, placed my feet on the floor, and walked to the bathroom.

Mirror- first.

The cry face isn’t so bad – Good, I can hit the gym hard today.

“Starbucks or home brew?” I asked myself.

Yeah, I said it out loud. One excellent reason for living solo – I am a great conversationalist with myself 🙂

I looked around at my disheveled apartment.

I prefer working to cleaning, and I prefer playing to working – so that leaves cleaning and the chores of mundane domesticity somewhere down around #99 on my list of Top 10 Things I Want To Be Doing Right Now.

I noted the mess again and tried not to be overwhelmed by it…and I thought of one of my favorite characters – Annie Savoy from Bull Durham – She is my idol, my guru – I moved to Arizona to be a baseball groupie.

FYI: I can also be monogamous within the framework of a baseball season; however, I haven’t actually made it to the playoffs – my funnest affairs of the heart haven’t lasted that long, so my test of will hasn’t been properly tested. #thestruggleisreal

As I looked around at the boxes still scattered around my apartment and the little piles of things that need to be sorted and put away, I noted the dishes in the sink – and I decided to brew my own coffee.


… I was reminded of the scene when Crash Davis leaves Annie – spent and disheveled – house completely trashed from the sex and playing that went on there…she crawls across the kitchen floor, pushing aside a broken bowl and cereal on the floor…

She, too, was left hanging at her climax  –

A woman should be so strong and powerful that she’s not affected by such things.

She did have the good fortune of having her adventure take place in her own home – evidence left behind, the smell everywhere – whereas, I have not broken in this apartment yet – and I am just left with memories inside my head.


Nevertheless, I washed the dishes and brewed my coffee.

If I had had a joint, I probably would have smoked it, just like she did.

My attempts at housekeeping were feeble as usual. I sometimes get easily distracted.

Instead, I re-prioritized my to-do list, moved cleaning up from #99 to #50 on my Top 10 Things I Want To Be Doing Right Now, and checked my email while my coffee prepared itself for my pleasure.


I sipped on its hot goodness – yummy

Crash left Annie to finish the commitment he had made – to see his streak through to completion – It was a dubious honor, but an honor nonetheless.

You have to respect a ballplayer who’s just tryin’ to finish the season.  I mean it wasn’t the first time I went to bed with a guy and woke up with a note.

That’s where I’m at – at least the son-of-a-bitch gave me rum!

I understand the struggle – the uncertainty of the decision – but to choose “death” over LIVING??

I’ve done it, make no mistake about that. It’s a valuable lesson to walk with the Zombies. It is difficult to bring forth life post zombieland though.

Therefore, that dubiousness will not take place within the sanctuary of my life.

While I respect the decision without judgment – I politely disagree with it. And I do hope that he will not suffer too much as he walks with the undead.

Bad trades are part of baseball – now who can forget Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas, for God’s sake?

I’m a strong and powerful woman, I will not be affected by this bad trade – by the “death” of a legend – I will go to the gym and carry on, because I can.

…and cleaning dropped back down to #99 on my Top 10 Things I Want To Be Doing Right Now – I ran out of time.





Quotes above are from Bull Durham – one of the greatest movies ever made – and I will be watching it for days – Just like Jessica Day watched Dirty Dancing.

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