Life Imitates Art

Life Imitates Art: It Was Just Like A Movie

I had a fantastic workout today – sprint intervals and some lifting. It felt so amazing! #ilovethegym

I walked to Whole Foods from there so I could stock up on healthy food. The kids asked if they could “detox” from school and stress with fruit and vegetables and juices.

DUH – of course!

I went through and made my selections: Cantaloupe, apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and a variety of juices plus a lemonade.

I made my way to the cashier and kindly requested that they put my delicious food into two bags, with the weight equally distributed so I could walk home balanced. They agreed to honor my request.

$80 for fruit and vegetables! #ishopatwholepaycheck

I walked the 1/4-mile or so home,  phone in my cleavage, headphones on, listening to alternative rock today; and as I approached my garage, my phone rang: Muh-nuh muh-nuh – (the song from the Muppet Show- I loathe boring ring tones).

Obviously with two grocery bags in my hands and the relative angle of the front of my phone, I didn’t know who was calling.

“I’ll just have to call them back,” I thought.

I walked up the stairs, unlocked the door, set down my bags, and pulled my phone from my bra.

HOLY CRAP! I gasped – “What?”

I hit “call back” immediately and walked outside of the apartment and down the stairs as the phone rang on the other end.

I heard static and then a very, very chipper voice on the other end: “Good morning, Beautiful! How are you?”

Equally as chipper, since he was chipper (yay!), I replied: “I’m awesome. How are you?”

He said, “I’m awesome as well.”

I was really wondering why he wanted to talk to me –

“So if I told you that I made a huge mistake – an egregious error in judgment – and apologized for any stress I have caused you and told you that I would like to go back to being Captain Amazing, would you accept my heartfelt apologies and take me back?”

#holyshit #thathappened #truestory

It was LEGEN… wait for it ….

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