Repeated Errors In Judgment

Repeated Errors In Judgment

I could be referring to my history with men – but I’m not. I have seen the pattern of repetition, and I am quite confident that I have broken the cycle of ignorance, self-loathing, and putting myself at the bottom of the barrel and am no longer selecting bottom-of-the-barrel dudes.

No, today I am sitting here wondering how I could have done this to myself – again – asking myself “Why does my skin hurt just a little bit?”

I took the kids swimming today, on the hottest day of the year thus far.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the swimming pool, a friendly game of “Silent Marco Polo,” and a snooze by the pool – the kids were quiet. I love “Silent Marco Polo” because there’s no yelling 🙂 #sliceofheaven

And like so many summers of my childhood, I’m fried. #iamatomato

Yes, I realize that I’m the only one who gets sunburned anymore, and it’s my own damn fault – I’m a social nonconformist. #naturalvitaminD #sunworship

But in my defense, it was 10 in the morning!

We might have been out there for 2 hours…we were off-grid…Oops #whattimeisit

The kids are laughing so hard at me right now because I’m going to Captain Amazing’s tonight, where he will be laughing so hard at me too. Did I just say “hard” out loud?? #ilovethewordhard

At least I’m entertaining! #laughatmyexpense

I would welcome the sunburn if it was even – but no – I’m splotched! I look like I have a red sunburn tramp stamp. #markoflegends #target

I thought about trying to hide it with some self-tanning bronzer, but Middlest told me the stuff doesn’t dry well and then I would be streaked and splotched.

Youngest asked if I was telling everyone:

“Yes! If I make a mistake, it’s better to fess up about it and announce it with authority, so I’m blogging about my sunburn.”

Perhaps I’ll learn from this one. #ineedlotion

On that note, as I’m pacing around the apartment – I’m recognizing a nervous shortness-of-breath feeling.

No, no, no, nooooooooo!

Thank goodness Ms. Spa and I are hitting the “town” first. Pre-function beverages will calm my skin, for sure, and hopefully my nerves, and help me forget my skin…until he laughs at me.

Even though I’m completely tormented but what I have done to myself, I wouldn’t trade this adventure for anything 🙂 ❤

I like the nervousness – I like the excitement – and I like that I’ve foiled any attempts that I could possibly make at looking “perfect.”

Time to go – **breathe**

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