The Choice

The Choice: Challenge Accepted

In followup to How To Choose The Path, I needed to share the latest and greatest in my little (massive) world. #whatnow

I thought about what I had said to Brown Sugar; contemplated the authenticity of the words; and asked myself to speak my own truth.

I was falling short. I was being a bit of a chickenshit. #hypocrite

I started this project in early 2013, although I had the idea in 2009, and I dropped the ball on myself – right on my head. #medicineball

I recognized this continued behavior – dropping an excellent idea before its completion. That’s why I told Brown Sugar it was “success” that I was afraid of.

However, after sending him my awesome goddess advice and taking my own medicine, I realized I could be more proactive on my own path, which had already chosen me – I was just sitting on it.

In May, after completing The Fellowship Of The Falls, one of my writer friends told me I needed a publisher. I let that sit. I was frozen.

A month later, I researched some publishers that I felt would meet my needs, and I sent messages to them.

I received a voice mail back. I was frozen.

After advising Brown Sugar to just make a move, I took a deep breath and my own outstanding advice. #wisewoman

I finally returned the call and left a message. My caller then sent me an email, detailing what the company could do for me if I selected them.

I read through the material. I was frozen.

He called me yesterday while I was with a client, and I returned his call during my break.

We talked about everything I was doing –

He did ask me how I manage to have time for all of this.

That question always baffles me. I just do things – I don’t know. #IChooseLiving #IGetShitDone

“I don’t own a television,” I said, which is my usual reply.

I made him laugh a lot during the interview.

I outlined my books and how I have begun the marketing process – what I have written so far.

We discussed the fundamental aspects of writing and editing and where I may need assistance. I told him that I had been a technical writer in the medical field for 12 years.

“What took you so long to get here?” he asked.

That’s a legit question – thanks for calling me out!

“I had to get a life first,” I said.

He saw what other people see.

I did it.

He said I would interview well – I would be able to sell my book with ease, and that I am way ahead of most other authors because of the work I have done in the last 18 months.

We talked about the potential down the road and what I need to do to get there –

He had the faith or insight or sixth sense and recognized something – my free square – He wasn’t concerned a bit about my storytelling ability.

He said what others have said – “Just get it done.”

So I signed the deal. 🙂

I am no longer just sitting on the path that chose me – I have started running on it. #ChallengeAccepted


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