Day #1

June 27, 2014

4:01 am: Yes, I get up that early. I did ask myself why I was getting up that early. “Oh yeah, I have to work at 9am.”

I drank my water, walked to the bathroom – My reflection in the mirror greeted me: “Wow, that’s some crazy-ass hair.” 

I made my way to the kitchen in the dark. The kids were with me so I didn’t want to wake them.

Damn – only instant coffee.

“I really need to go to the store.” 

This was a week when I shared my car with Middlest – so running errands was not going to be happening.

I made my hot water with the coffee maker – so it would sound like “real” coffee. #illusions #delusions

I was supposed to be detoxing anyway – avoiding caffeine – because of my Maui trip on Wednesday. The Daily Love “Enter The Heart” retreat.

Up until today, I had been too exhausted to even consider what to do in my free time while I am there. SLEEP-

However, I sat down with my hot instant coffee and pulled up some maps of the Lumeria Resort and surrounding area, along with the schedule for the retreat. I didn’t want to be over-scheduled.

“Do I want to rent a car? I only have 3 hours of free time every afternoon – of course there is the morning. The sun comes up around 7, I think. Hmmm…”

And then I saw a zipline adventure very close to Lumeria – YAHOO!!!

I messaged the others going on the trip using our private Facebook group – I informed them that I was doing this in case anyone else wanted to. I picked my last day because our retreat finishes at 12, and zipline super adventure starts at 1.


Done – I shot an email to Captain Amazing. He is going to Maui after me for 2 weeks. It might be something he would enjoy doing while he is on the island with his brother and the Tons O’ Kids. #insane

He returns the day I leave for Anaheim – my trip to Disneyland with Tons O’ Kids. #insane

July is going to be awesome and suck at the same time. #likeavirgin

6:00 a.m.: – Shower time!

7:00 a.m.: – I walked to the gym, and while I was there, I realized I didn’t have time to work out because I had to be at work too early. So I left and walked home.

I made breakfast and packed snacks for the day. I decided to eat my meat and vegetables for breakfast because I wasn’t going to have enough time to eat properly between clients.

I made some oatmeal to take to work with me.

8:20 a.m.: – I walked to the pickup stop for my ride. “Damn – it’s hot already.”

Note to self – remember to pack an extra shirt. #sweaty

I then realized I remembered my vegetable juice and protein powder, but I forgot to bring my food. “Damn – I’m going to be hungry.”

I approached the pickup stop and watched my ride drive off. I checked my watch.

Note to self – Ride is at 8:35.

I texted the ride service to summon a new driver (yes, it’s the city bus, but I’m pretending like it’s my own stretch limo service. It feels better to me.)

Next ride 8:55.

I had enough time to pop into the bank and deposit my millions – plus get out of the heat while I waited for the bus.

I informed my teller that I had just a few minutes before my limo (bus) was picking me up, so please be speedy counting my wealth.

Done – and I quickly walked back to my stop. Two minutes later, I boarded my limo (bus) which was super air conditioned.

Note to self – If I’m really hot, take the limo (bus) and just ride around for a while.

9:07 a.m.: My limo driver (bus driver) dropped me off at the luxurious lobby (park and ride) – and I walked the 3 blocks to my studio.

I texted a few people while I walked – asked Youngest if she would like to get pedicures on Sunday…contacted my linen dude to inform him my studio would be closed for two weeks in July…I asked him if we could adjust my payment since they wouldn’t need to be picking up, washing, and dropping off during those times. He agreed.

I am glad I have had the right men in my life to encourage me to negotiate for myself. That little deal paid for my zipline adventure!

9:17 a.m.: I arrived at the studio at the same time as my first client. She offered me a ride from one side of the parking lot to the other side.

“Thanks – I got this” 🙂

We laughed.

9:20 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. Two clients. We caught up on life. Ms. Cross-Fit wants me to teach her how to really live and to travel. I have a few others who do too – The reason for this daily journal – To see what I do and how I do it so others can copy my formula.

12:30 p.m.: Next client – Mr. Trainer. He is a new daily client – Yep, massage every day. We are doing something really cool though. Instead of listening to music, we are listening to an audio book.

We are reading American Assassinby Vince Flynn. It’s really good.

I think a few other clients are going to follow suit. I’ll be well-read again.

12:30 to 5:30: Clients, one of whom is my gorgeous chiropractor. He calls me “honey” which I adore. He and I talked about our mutual clients/patients and how they are doing – we also talked about life outside of our healing practices – He asked how I handle dating a client.

“Oh, they have to schedule and pay,” I said.

I had dated one man early in my career who was not a client but expected and requested a massage nearly ever day. I harbored a lot of resentment, especially when I found myself back in the zombie apocalypse with him.

I vowed I would not do that again. Subsequently I dated another man who did the same thing – expected a free massage whenever he wanted it.

He didn’t understand – I explained, “That’s like you coming home from work and me asking you to do more work.” He still didn’t understand.

That relationshit was short-lived. I am nobody’s slave.

5:30 p.m.: Middlest texted me from the parking lot, informing me that she had arrived to pick me up. I finished cleaning up the room, locked up, and went outside to the car.

We were on our way home and I asked her if she had eaten – She hadn’t, so I suggested we go out for sushi for happy hour.

5:45 p.m.: We pulled into the lot at Sushi Brokers and grabbed a table. I ordered a spicy suno mono to drink for myself and ordered a virgin one for her – she had to try this. We ordered spicy edamame, California roll, and a surfer roll. She hadn’t tried a surfer roll yet either.

We had the awesomest date. We chatted about boys – the ones we like, the ones we don’t like. She even asked how I was doing with Captain Amazing.

“He’s like us??” she asked.

“Yes! He plays – and he’s not serious. We played video games,” I replied.

“Gawd you needed that! That’s awesome,” she said.

Then she and I talked about us and our family and our relationship with each other – How really great it is that we can talk to each other – How we handled the ups and downs together – and how much fun we were having in life and in that moment doing sushi happy hour together.

6:44 p.m.: Crap – I have a massage at 7. I grabbed my phone and texted Mr. Thai-Massage to inform him that I would be a few minutes late.

I dropped her off and zoomed to Mr. Thai-Massage. This was my third massage for the week because I went too long between massages. #muchneededbinge

The first two of the week hurt like hell.

7:10 p.m.: He and I chatted for a few minutes while I put my belongings in the closet.

He is another member of my fan club who lives vicariously through my life. 🙂

…and then I got my massage, which did not hurt. I drifted in and out of sleep – awesomeness.

10:00 p.m.: Yes, my massages are that long – Thanks, Mr. Thai-Massage – I was dressed, and we wrapped up – He told me that if I didn’t get the book deal, he would give me one because my stories are EPIC!

Damn straight!

I told him I would see him in August – I left and drove home.

I received a text from a new guy friend Mr. Naive.

In the land of Singles, 10 p.m. is known as the “Witching Hour” – where the “lonelies” set in, and he was suffering from that. He said he missed snuggling with his girlfriends.

I replied: “I understand. But snuggling and sleeping should not be done at the same time.”

He agreed.

I thought to myself, “I’m so glad I’m passed all that – the lonelies in the night.”

To be cordial, I asked him what was on the agenda for the weekend. He replied with his plans and informed me that he was open after that –

My cordiality left me – I did not reply.

10:20 p.m.: Middlest was in bed. I greeted Oldest and told him I would go to the store the next day to pickup up the short grocery list he had texted me earlier in the day.

I put my phone on the charger and made sure the ringer was off.

If I was going to receive texts all night, I didn’t want to know about it until the next day.

I put on my Victoria’s Secret T-shirt pajamas – so soft – brushed my teeth – grabbed my Ipad – and tucked myself in.

I love my bed.




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