Day #2

June 28, 2014

4:01 a.m.: Yes, the alarm went off that early.

I hit the snooze twice today though.

It’s Saturday. I’m entitled to sleep in.

Approximately 18 minutes later, I got up.

I drank my water…walked into the bathroom...”Hey crazy hair again.”

I took care of the bathroom business and waved to my reflection as I left the bathroom. I walked into the kitchen.

Hungry?? Not hungry?? Too early to tell.

Really???!!! I still only have instant coffee…

That’s the crap reality when I don’t go to the store.

I prepared my instant coffee, pretending it was fresh brewed…

I grabbed my phone to respond to any overnight texts I might have received and sat down at my “desk” which is a great spot on the floor up against a wall, legs out stretched, laptop on my lap.

BTW, I need a new computer. This laptop is crap. The mouse has never worked properly and now doesn’t work at all.

Maybe my book people will donate a computer to my mission – preferably one that is not shitty.

I then checked email quickly, took care of a few bookkeeping items from massage work yesterday so I wouldn’t forget, and then proceeded to type out yesterday’s events.

I finished my coffee and remembered my oatmeal in the fridge – the one I forgot to take to work yesterday.

I warmed it up and mentally planned my morning: Eat, shower, gym, Whole Foods for groceries, home, eat, walk to limo (bus), work – now we are into the afternoon – walk to limo (bus), and return home.

I’m fried now – need more coffee-

Instead of more coffee, I just ate my oatmeal.

A notification from WordPress popped up in my iPad – I just created my 100th post!

Hot Damn! I’ll post that on Facebook.

That’s an appropriate announcement for my FB friends.

Yesterday somebody posted that he was out of toilet paper and was going to say “bye bye” to his socks.

Yuck! Really???? #nowords

I ate my oatmeal as I composed an email for a client/friend.

To: MZ & EM
Subject: introductions

Good morning Mr. M and Ms. E!

I’m introducing the two of you – please meet each other 🙂

Mr. M – Ms. E is traveling to Chicago from Arizona for the summer. This is a brave bold move for her (I’m so proud!!) – She will be looking for some restaurant work and a place to rent.

Perhaps you know some people that would be a good connection for her while she’s there. Maybe your son Mr. A??

I miss chatting with you! I have great stories – I head to Maui on Wednesday. Take care – wherever the heck you are!

Ms. E- Safe travels, Girl! I’m happy that you’re doing this. Grab the world and LIVE!! 🙂

Mr. M replied rather promptly, welcoming Ms. E to the windy city, and that he is looking forward to meeting her and would introduce her to his son who lives in Old Town and manages one of the city’s finest restaurants.

I texted Ms. E in case she wasn’t on her email to let her know that Mr. M responded and that she was now connected in a city where she didn’t know anybody. She was absolutely thrilled.

❤ These are the little followup things that I love doing for people – I do it all the time because it makes me happy ❤

I hadn’t yet replied to the text from Mr. Naive the night before, so I took the opportunity to do so, informing him that I have my kids this weekend and tons of work and that I go to Maui on Wednesday.

I finished my oatmeal and put the dish in the dishwasher.

Shower time!

Yes, I shower before the gym. It’s a ritual I started many years ago to eliminate the “I don’t have time to go to the gym” excuse.

I walked into the bathroom and stripped off my jammies. I looked in the mirror and examined my bod –

Hmmm… I have more work to do… Today will need to be weights and cardio…

I was assessing my physical appearance while plotting my gym strategy.

As I was getting in the shower, Captain Amazing floated through my brain…

“Shit, now I’m really horny. Frick the world – Gawd he turns me on!” #raginghormones

Rechannel, rechannel, rechannel.

Is it Monday yet? #ineedmysugar

There’s just a bit too much down time between our fun-time sessions….just saying.

Most weeks, by the time Thursday rolls around, I start to get these weird cravings for … Well sex … And conversation … But more sex …

… And Friday is worse. #ineeditbad

I’m trying to find other things to occupy my mind, this daily journal being one of them. It’s not that I don’t have things to do… I have too much to do.

Having wet panties with no outlet makes my hands shake, and I get these odd tingling sensations over my skin – and sort of a chest pain – and that craving.

…the sad thing is (or good thing, depending on how you look at it), all of that goes away the minute I hear his voice.

He must be my drug of choice at the moment – that’s the only explanation. #denialisbliss

I finished showering, quickly threw on my workout clothes, put my debit card in my shirt pocket, and grabbed my keys, water, and phone.

I left the apartment and walked across the street to the gym.

My workout was a sweaty affair, just like I like it. I went a little heavier with the weights, since I’ll have 7 days of yoga, walking, hiking, and sleeping for exercise in Hawaii.

8:30 a.m.: As my cool-down from my sweaty exercise affair at the gym, I walked in the +100-degree heat to Whole Foods. I selected the few grocery items we needed, like baked chicken nuggets and fruit, and I saw some grass-fed beef burger patties for dinner.

And because my delicate region was feeling delicate and slightly “teary” (damp) – with no hope of attention until Monday – a few chocolate-covered espresso beans were definitely in order. #detoxshmetox

I walked home, made a small meal of vegetables and meat and ate my chocolate espresso beans for dessert. I packed my spicy lemonade and protein for snacks, and went back out into the heat to catch my ride. I texted Nxrd #14758 and got my limo’s pickup time: 10:10.

The limo (bus) arrived and picked me up. I greeted the driver – “Good morning” – and the robust black man greeted me back with an equally resounding “good morning” followed by a genuine “thank you” when I deposited my $2 into the money-taking machine.

He and the other two passengers (I like to share the ride) were having a discussion about the weather, specifically how intolerable cold weather is, which is obviously ironic considerably it was intolerably hot outside. #arizonahell

The lady from Michigan exited the limo (bus) at her stop, The Rack, and the rest of us continued the conversation, with the limo (bus) driver shifting gears ever so slightly to the topic of bucket list destinations – London being one of his.

He shared that he wants to travel the world – and preferred to be accompanied by a lady friend. In addition, he said that finding a quality someone to date is extremely difficult. #gotthatright

“Do you know how hard it is to find someone who is compatible with you? Someone that you actually get along with?” the retired cop limo (bus) driver asked.

“Oh, I know for sure,” I replied.

“No offense,” he offered, “but most women want to know how much my pension is. I just want to date – I don’t need the other stuff.” 

“Yep, it should be fun and make your life better, not worse,” I said.

“I like you,” he said. “I’ve had lots of really fine, fine women – hot women. But it’s not about the looks anymore. No ma’am. It’s about the heart now.”

The limo (bus) turned onto Thunderbird and made it’s way to the luxurious lobby (park and ride) and came to a stop to drop me off.

I stood up and walked up to the robust, honest, awesome man driving me around. I held out my hand and introduced myself.

“My name is Don. Nice to meet you, Mindy,” he said. And he added, “My, you’ve got quite a grip there. Can I have my fingers back?”

…and he gave a hearty laugh as I stepped off out of the limo (bus) – I waved goodbye and wished him a very good day.

I popped my headphones in and walked the few blocks to my studio.

11:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.: Clients…

Update on American Assassin: Mitch Rapp capped a German dude with poodles, who cared more about his dogs than his wife –

– So the book contained a great deal of realism.

Apparently Mitch Rapp doesn’t take any crap when interrogating the terrorists.


After work, I came home and made the burgers – put pajamas on (it was 5:30 p.m.) – and sat at my “desk” on the floor.

Mr. Naive and I texted a little more. He responded to my trip to Maui – confessing that he has never left the States.

I replied, “I gotta teach you how to LIVE!”

He said he needed money to do that – That to date women requires money.

I said, “Dates shouldn’t cost money – my FUNNEST dates have been free…If a gal makes you spend money, she’s not worth it. Blanket under the stars.”

He confessed that his last ex “paid for everything because she loved me for who I am not for materialistic items. I’ll find another woman who loves me the same but doesn’t smoke weed, lie, or has ex-baggage.”

#wow #nowords

I gave him my tough-love bitchslap – “Yeah, I don’t think she loved you – not the way you want – I think she needed a warm body. I can say that because I’ve been that warm body before – and it sucks. I also have been valued – and the two feel very different.”

He said, “You are very interesting. I really like you. BTW you’re welcome to come over anytime – movie and grab some food – if you need to get away from things.”

I said, “Thank you!”

I chuckled. Poor Mr. Naive – “I’m glad he thinks I’m cool but no one should be that lonely.”

I put the phone back on the charger, making sure the ringer was turned off.

Youngest and I watched some New Girl on my iPad while I typed up my day.

❤ I love Nick Miller. ❤

…and my bed…

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