AAA Workout With Sexercise Tips

AAA Workout With Sexercise Tips

From the new program: “How To Be A Goddess (aka Unicorn)”

AAA = Arms, Abs & Ass 🙂

*NOTE: Modify to your fitness level. Consult a medical or health authority before embarking on a fitness program.

Finally, have fun. Exercise is fun, dammit! Put a smile on your face! You’ll never bring forth your goddessness or become a unicorn by being a frowny downer. Just saying.

Can men benefit from this workout too? Heck yeah! You try it, see how you do. See the SEXERCISE ENHANCEMENT TIPS below – for both you and your lucky lady 😉

Part I – Fat burn

Cardiovascular exercise of your choosing, keeping your heart rate in the fat-burn zone for 30 minutes. I did the running elliptical.

What’s fat-burn zone? Great question. The fat-burn zone is the target where your body burns the most amount of fat. For me, it’s in the range of 135 to 150. I’ve had metabolic testing to determine this.

If you’re a hard-core: “Gotta get my HR to 180,” then match my zone; it’s close enough. I Guarantee, this will be a challenge for you because you’ll want to go harder. Resist…take it slow…don’t blow it too early (that’s what she said – ha ha)

If you work too hard for too long, you’ll be burning calories (i.e. sugar) which will increase sugar and calorie cravings down the road.

*If you are not in excellent shape, subtract about 10-15 and hit 120 to 130 (estimate). You will also need to modify the length of time to your fitness level. This will be a challenge for you.

If you don’t work hard enough and hover in the 90s or low 100s, then you’ll just be moving, which is great, but it is not going to shift from “improving circulation” to “fat burn.”

Part II – Arms

In this section, your heart rate will increase. You’ll want to let it drop between sets.

Complete 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps of a triad of exercises:

  1. Cable overhead tricep extension.
  2. Deep squat-cable concentration curl.
  3. Push-up to plank.

The push-up to plank is an advanced move. If you need to modify, simply do a plank.

Part III – Abs & Ass

1. Downward dog to cobra (i.e. dive-bomber push-ups): One set of 21 in a row.

2. Elephant kicks (4 sets of 10 kicks each leg). This is a single-leg bridge with one leg extended, butt as high off the ground as you can get, kicking extended leg up 10 times, switch legs.

3. V-sit ups (one set of 50): Legs remain at 45 degrees throughout. Try to get all the way up to touch your feet.

4. Lat pull-down (set of 10 reps) alternating with one-arm cable row, standing, cross-body (set of 10 reps each arm).

Part IV – Fat burn

30 minutes in the fat-burn zone (I did stairs).

Part V- Walk home and refuel.

I combined garbanzo beans, blueberries, glutamine, and chocolate protein powder in a food processor and enjoyed. It’s the consistency of soft serve ice cream. It will not be too sweet, but it replaces glycogen and protein.


The section you’ve been waiting for. In all of my workouts, there will be SEXERCISE ENHANCEMENT TIPS because I train to improve my fitness, my appearance, my attitude, and my sex life.

1. Deep squat/curls – Give those Kegel muscles an adequate squeeze in this position, remembering of course to **breathe**

Ladies benefit – (especially if you’ve given birth) Repair postpartum muscles. Stay tuned for being able to jump rope again, laugh, sneeze, etc. You know what I’m talking about!

Gentlemen benefit – stronger legs in this position, flexibility in this position – Save a horse, ride a cowboy – and your lucky lady says, “Giddy-up!”

2. Elephant kicks – Because this is a pelvic elevation exercise, it really gets the pelvic floor muscles working as well as your butt – Goals: Amazing feeling for you (a cheery-O for sure) and an internal massage for the lucky recipient. #somuchwin

Plus, it works the flexibility of the hamstring muscles – More flexibility means more variety in the positions you can put yourself in, especially the deeply penetrating ones. …and if you have the strength and flexibility to maintain a bridge position with your legs wrapped around your partner – I can tell you that it will be a new one for him, and he will love you for it!  

Want to learn more?

Of course you do, so click here if you’re a lady >> Change your HC Matrix Zone

Click here if you’re a guy >> Man-Up

*NOTE: Modify to your fitness level. Consult a medical or health authority before embarking on a fitness program. I am not responsible for your stupidity if you do too much or hurt yourself. That’s on you.

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