5 Simple Steps To Success

Live each moment on purpose in 5 simple steps

It’s so simple – It’s just one little shift – simple but not easy.

It takes practice.

It is our divine right as inhabitants on this planet to LIVE ON PURPOSE.

Life isn’t an accident and isn’t some force that is happening to you.

Every moment presents a special gift.
Every effect is caused by your action.
Every word that you say and think has meaning.
Every person you encounter has a purpose.

How do you create this shift?
How do you begin to LIVE ON PURPOSE?

As I said above, it’s simple – Practicing it takes practice!

These are the basic steps:
1. Feel
2. Pay attention
3. Ask
4. Pay attention
5. Act

Here’s an example: Rather than “vegging out” to the television
to de-stress from a long day at work, take a moment to check
in with yourself in a quiet space – Ask yourself what you’re feeling
and allow yourself to feel it.

Pay attention to what you “hear” – What are you really feeling? Listen.

Place your hands over your heart – and ask yourself again.
Place your hands on your tummy, just under your your belly
button, and ask yourself again.

Engage in a focused activity (walking, yoga, cooking, listening
to music, or continue to be in the silent space)…and ask yourself
what you need.

Then give yourself what you need.

Practice this – It only takes a few minutes. You’ll find that
with daily practice, each day becomes just a bit better and
more productive than the day before.

…let me just take a moment to mention how incredible sex becomes…


Try it- let me know how you do.

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