Words Escape Me ~ Adventures In Poetry

Words Escape Me ~ Adventures In Poetry

I’m limping through cyberspace on my old Dell from 2008, running Windows XP. In human years, it would be approximately 82-1/2 years old. It functions but it gets tired.

My other computer’s hard drive crashed.

Do they make Viagra for computers?

When I combine that with 2 weeks of vacation in July where I remained basically computerless, I am now behind on my adventurous posts.

I know – you’re sad. I am sadder 😦
I have missed my daily dose of creativity.

However, beginning in the here and now
(word count 69 at that point!),
I can say WOW
And then all other words escape me.

O Captain, My Captain!

Captain Amazing called me the Saturday morning after my return from Disneyland, California, where I journeyed with 5 teens on a quest for the most fun adventure-land experience we have ever had.

I was so happy to hear is voice. He called me from work, and I had just returned home from seeing a client. I was in my apartment complex parking lot walking around while we chatted.

I like to talk on the phone privately without distractions, and with 3 teens in the house, I will tolerate the heat  – especially if it whets my appetite for stimulating conversation and wets my pussy for stimulating future activities…

Oh I just went there!

I can say this – To have an intelligent strong man converse with me about business and money when he knows his shit – or to overhear such discussion – turns me on like a light bulb.

…and since he was at work, I guided the conversation in that direction. Not for the purposes of having a sexually charged talk – I really wanted to pick his brain about finances – but Man, O Man – I was sooo ready to see him!

We set up a brunch date for the next day –

I like morning dates because I’m a morning person and I haven’t eaten too much. I feel thin and pretty in the morning…that’s probably just me!

Anyway, Sunday arrived – and so did Captain Amazing.

Youngest Downey Jr. had been “dying” to witness the man, the myth, the legend that is Captain Amazing – so she walked to the edge of the balcony to see me off.

I walked to his truck, and he saw her standing there. He said, “Aww, she’s been wanting to meet me.”

I said, “Yeah. She thinks you’re not real.”

He turned the truck off and said, “Let’s go meet her.”

O heart! heart! heart!

Introductions were made, and I was then whisked off to brunch – where we talked probably nonstop for 2 hours??

…and we mastermind a brilliant business deal for me, which is inspired by the “Hot Crazy Matrix” – which has now become our “thing” – My quest for unicorn status. #hotcrazymatrix

He drew the matrix out for me on my notebook – Luckily I brought it with me inside my handy-dandy backpack, which is always with me – in case I need a notebook, toothbrush or a jump rope. You never know…

He also showed me where I am according to this chart – right on the border of the Unicorn Zone – hovering at a hotness of 8, crazy of 4 to 5. #girlsarecrazy

I know what I bring to the table – so this evaluation was pleasing to me.

He said he would love to dress me up in an appropriate (and hopefully slutty) costume and make his own video where he announces to the world that he has captured his very own unicorn!!

I love this!!!

I believe my Mystique costume will do this justice – because she can morph into anything.

Now that I am getting things caught up on the business end, I am designing my vanity goals around this – with very serious effort.

I need to improve my hotness to greater than 8 without changing my DNA – tricky, very tricky.

We finished our food and stopped at his house – We made it to the living room floor. At least we were in the house – although…

I will have him in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
He is so good, so good you see!
I will have him here and there.
Say! I will have him ANYWHERE!
I do so like great sex with him!
I like him, like him, Slut I am.

Sooo much fun!

But the words escape me … because the awesomeness that started taking place – I just can’t even describe.

I did tell him – that I love his orgasmic expression

He makes me feel so good and so powerful that I can make him feel so good –

…and that there is this unbridled uninhibited passionate climax –

I lack the appropriate vocabulary to express how truly amazing this experience is.

O Captain! My Captain!

Upon returning to Planet Earth, he showed some new Marvel Superhero prints he had purchased – Iron Man and The Hulk.

He looked at me and said, “Youngest would like Iron Man, wouldn’t she?”

I said, “She would love that, but that’s yours -“

I knew where he was going since he had given Middlest his Spider-Man print before we all went on vacation.

He said, “I can just go get another one. I want to give it to her.”

O heart! heart! heart!

We packed up the print and headed back to my place –

He then told me that he would like to spend more time with me.
(HOLY SHIT – YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!) …

…and that there was talk amongst another member of our posse, his brother, Mr. Luge, of a trip to Belize, and would I be interested in going??

I’m not sure how cool I played that – I may have jumped up and down and squealed (I am a girl) …

…but he said he figured as much and had already counted me in 🙂 ❤


I had texted Youngest to let her know I was on my way home and that she was being presented with a gift so she should come downstairs.

We returned to my apartment. She met us – and he handed her the print.

Words escaped her – I thought she was going to cry from so much happiness.

She is, indeed, my daughter!

We said our goodbyes…He gives the best hugs

I held onto him so tight,
Which made him laugh
With what sounded like delight
It’s so amazing ~
That this feels so right.

O Captain! My Captain!

When Youngest and I went upstairs, I asked her where she would like to hang up Iron Man. She said, “Above the bed, of course – so he can protect me!”


I hung him up – and she walked up to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and said very seriously:

“Mom, you’ve got yourself a KEEPER!”

I said, “I know, right??!!! I told you he is amazing!”

O heart! heart! heart!


Poetry above courtesy of Walt Whitman “O Captain! My Captain” and myself (inspired by Dr. Seuss).

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