You Can Only Heal If You Can Feel

You Can Only Heal If You Can Feel:
The Birth Of My Tagline

I attended a networking meeting yesterday. It was the kind where you have to give a 30-second “commercial” for your services.

It was an electric event to say the least.

I had been thinking about how to sum up what I am about in 30 short seconds. There is no time for verbal diarrhea in an elevator pitch.

I wore my best new Super Girl T-shirt. It’s hot pink with Super Girl labels all over it – I did buy this in the kids department at Wal-Mart for my Disneyland trip!

me and gandalf

And I wore my favorite Fabletics capris – black with the camo stripe down the side.

The first time I attended one of these events, I wore my tennis skirt, Super-Man shirt, and my Super-Man caped knee-high socks. I was the only one wearing non-business attire.

Yesterday, however, there were other dynamic and creative individuals wearing whatever they wanted – I found my business tribe!

The mingling was super fun. I gave hugs – I knew a few of the people there, and I was introduced to new people. I thrive in this environment!

I love high-energy people!

I love to listen to what everyone has to say. There were members who had just gone through a leadership boot camp, so this was their first time speaking in the group with their newly honed skills.

If I hadn’t known they used to be quiet timid individuals, I wouldn’t have known they had transformed themselves into the outgoing, well-spoken, and super-charged super heroes that they represented this day.

It was a seamless transition, and I applauded them – They captivated me!

I listened to each pitch intently, and I took notes – some were looking for some specific referrals that I knew I could make.

During the transition from one speaker to the next, I thought about how I could make myself stand out in this crowd of 52 who have been doing this for years.

I wasn’t nervous or worried…Quite the opposite. I was ignited. The spark inside my belly was lighting up – and I wanted to give a speech.

Then it was my turn.

I stood up. And then I stepped up onto my chair to ensure I was seen, and I stood above my audience – and told everyone I was a goddess.

I spoke for less than 30 seconds, since I was improvising, and it was more important for me to be concise, bold, and remembered – to say just enough but not too much.

I spoke from my belly – from my empowered zone – this zone of confidence (yes, it’s also the sex confidence zone). #confidentsexrules

I made eye contact with each member of my new tribe and smiled.

In that moment, everything just slows down around me –

It’s like Neo in the Matrix when he realizes his gift, and he can see the code all around, and all actions become effortless and graceful, even though he is kicking the shit out of everyone.

I told them all that I teach people how to feel again.

“You can only heal if you can feel.”

The birth of my tagline.

And they repeated it back to me – and it was as like the choir of angels were singing their angelic song of AHA!

I must have performed well and made an impression, since one of the members, whom I hadn’t really spoken with in our mingling time, contacted me later asked me to sub for him!


And that was just one tiny moment in my super duper, inspiring, magnificent day yesterday.

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