Either F-Yeah or F-Off

The Kind Of Days My Teens Have

Kids have stress too. I’m grateful they have me to lean on.

Middlest had a horrible week. She told me her story and then gave me a quote she said needed to go on my blog…and then we went and saw “Let’s Be Cops” so we could have a good laugh and be in love with Nick Miller. #nickmiller

The grumpy old troll that lives at her other house yelled at her a lot this week. I believe her when she says that she doesn’t know what she did –

I used to live with that grumpy old troll, so I know what she’s going through.

He’s the kind of person who walks around demanding respect, just like Joan Crawford did.

I don’t ask much from you, girl…Why can’t you give me the respect that I’m entitled to?!

I’ve heard that speech a million times – The last time, I rolled the car window up while he was speaking and pointing his fat finger in my face, and I didn’t say a word, because it didn’t deserve a response.

In my opinion, respect is earned – it’s not something someone is entitled to, let alone be demanded from another person. 

She told me that he came out to her car when she came home from school, and he started yelling at her, that she had too much cleavage showing, so she had to throw out her clothes.

WTF???????? It’s like fucking “Mommie Dearest” – #fuckedup #notinagoodway


We’ll see how many you’ve got, if they’re hidden somewhere! We’ll see! We’ll see! Get out of that bed. All of this is coming out! Out, out, out, out, out, out, out!!!

You got any more? We’re gonna see how many wire hangers you’ve got in your closet!


The thing is, she can’t help the cleavage issue – she is cursed blessed with a robust bosom. There is nothing she can do about it, except maintain her wonderful attitude, which includes pride as well as “don’t give me shit boys or I’ll break your arms.”

I suspect the grumpy old troll doesn’t know or believe this about her.

He used to say that about me – not wanting any cleavage showing.

Thankfully I’m over that and now wear tank tops with no shorts when I visit Captain Amazing, and I make sure every bit of my cleavage is absolutely spectacular.

Anyway, she went through her closet, crying and crying. She walked outside with her bag of clothes to throw in the trash can, when he came out to meet her.

He stopped her and asked her if she knew why he told her to do that.

She said, “I think so.”

He said, “You’re too pretty to dress like that.”

I’d rather you go to school bald than looking like a tramp.

Then he told her to put her clothes away. #fuckingpsycho



As her mom, I really don’t know what I can do besides listen and give her love and support. …and then write about it on my blog. 😉

She was telling me the story and of how twisted her thought process was – That she felt “good” because he said she was pretty; the first time she had ever heard those words said to her by him that she could remember.

…and then she snapped back to reality. #wtf

The reality being that she has empty holes inside her filled with dysfunction, and she self-punishes.

She got herself a small sugar-free yogurt with 2-pounds of toppings on it…

I completely understand what it’s like feeling that alone, hating your own skin because someone who is supposed to love you tells you you’re worthless and shitty.

However, she is relieved and thankful, as am I, that she can talk to me about it. It took me 45 years to be able to talk about it, and I think there is still a lot buried from when I was a kid.

She said, “I can’t even talk to my friends because they wouldn’t understand. I know you do.” 

As teens often do, once they are done telling their stories, and I offer my empathy, the subject changes to the boys and friends in their lives.

…and we have a good laugh… Her best guy friend is hilarious. She had to grade one of his marketing papers, and he talked about his fat stax –

“I need fat stax of money in my pockets because if I don’t have fat stax, then what am I doing?”

We decided he is a fucktard – and we say that with love –

So the quote of the day wasn’t really the “Mommie Dearest” shit because that is just horrible – and she doesn’t know who that is – but it is this:

“I’m having either a FUCK-YEAH day or FUCK-OFF day!”

I love that! I’m putting it on a T-shirt!!!

It’s a FUCK-YEAH day
or a FUCK-OFF day.


 quotes above are from the totally fucked up and abusive Mommie Dearest. 😦

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