The Things I Wear

I Dress For Function And Theme, Including Pleasure & Sports – Month, Holidays, Etc.

I used the word “pleasure” – so you know that Captain Amazing is the centerpiece of this story.

…and he should be – 🙂

It’s also October 🙂

A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday, he invited me over for a late visit after work. I decided to wear a tank top and cute panties – that’s it.

I texted him that I was on my way and that I was thirsty.

He replied, “Do you want to go out for drinks?”

I replied back, “I’m not wearing much.”

He astutely said, “:-) Good girl. We have drinks here.”


I love that my “bad girl” gets “good girl” compliments! #yougogirl

I locked up the apartment and went downstairs to the car. A few minutes into the drive, my phone lit up – He said, “Door open.”

I replied, “Legs open.”



I arrived and we greeted each other in our usual way – totally excited, lots of kissing – and I usually melt inside but try to stay rather put together on the outside.

It’s an epic fail, but I go for it anyway.

I’m just too giggly for such nonsensical conformity. Plus I don’t give a shit if he sees me lose it – it is what it is.

He was naked, by the way. Yum! So how was I supposed to keep it together??? #playnaked

play naked

He guided me to the kitchen where he fixed us drinks.

I said, “I am so happy that you know what being ‘thirsty’ means.”

He looked at the bottle of bourbon…and then looked at me… puzzled…and said, “I know what thirsty means, and I know what wet means.”

I said, “THANK YOU – I have told men in the past that I’m thirsty, and I got a bottle of water.”

He laughed. He handed me my drink and said, “So I have something to tell you.”

“Shit,” I thought with a look of panic on my face, “I didn’t drink this fast enough.”

He said, “It’s good – It’s good.” He paused, probably for dramatic effect.As of this point, I am now a one-woman man.”

Holy shit! Is the devil wearing a snowsuit?? 

I said, “Congratulations! Gosh, I hope I’m the girl!!!”

He laughed, “You are.”

We clinked our glasses in this toast and took a sip of our drinks. I was smiling from the inside out. #itsathing

I set my glass down, raised both my arms above my head, as if to indicate a touchdown, and said:

“I win!!!!!”

We both cracked up.

He put his glass down and finished some of his kitchen chores. I just watched and enjoyed my drink and my view.

It’s voyeurism at its best – cocktails and a cock – he he.

He was lining the trash can with a fresh bag and looked at me – “Is this how you like your men? Naked and barefoot in the kitchen doing your bidding?”

“Hell yeah!”

I win again!

We talked more about our likes and dislikes, things that irritate us, etc. And then I mentioned the blog and a joke I posted for him so he could use it at his fantasy football draft.

He said he hadn’t read it in a while and then said, “Let’s go read it.”

He fixed us another round, and we took our drinks into the office and began to read and laugh. He loved the guts vs balls joke. It is a good one!

And then we read Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer and watched the whole video – my tame girl porn.

He left some beautiful comments! I especially like his comment on the Mr. Zesty post, regarding the strawberry ❤


…It was the next morning that sent me over the top. I was on top and really enjoying myself, when he said, “Yeah, grind on that Mr. Zesty.”

I absolutely died laughing – It was the funniest damn thing! We had to stop because we were laughing so hard –

Once I had caught my breath from the hysterics, I proceeded to lose my breath again 🙂

I have a “rule” for myself to finish projects that I start.

We got up – and I went into the kitchen to pour us some coffee. He started to get ready for work.

We had plans that night to go out with his brother.

He said, “This is the first double date he and I have been on.”

“Really?” I asked. I was rather surprised by that.

A few minutes later I asked, “What should I wear?”

He was getting dressed himself, deciding between two ties, and he looked at me.

“I really appreciate that you asked me, but I’m not authorized to advise you,” he said. “If you want to dress like a slutty ho, I am all for that!” 

He walked over to my vantage point on the bed and kissed me and then returned to selecting his tie.

He added, “But, I will take you out on the town and show you off if you have dresses that you never get to wear.”

Holy shit! That is so amazing!

“Thank you,” I said. “I also dress for function and theme.”

He cocked his head and smiled quizzically.

“If you bring a toy, for example, I need to dress accordingly,” I said.

“I was thinking about it,” he said.


I hope he really does  – I want to know if I could keep it together with an “audience,” much like Katherine Heigl did in “The Ugly Truth.”

We both went our separate ways – to work – and he texted me later with the plans – Dinner. Awesome!

I chose a great cleavage top. I tried on a skirt, on the off chance that he would bring the toy, but I opted for the nice-ass shorts instead.

Dinner was a riot. He and I drank and laughed. I didn’t know we had so many private jokes that we think are hilarious – Plus we added Mr. Zesty.

The other couple just stared at us – with their jaws dropped – as if they had never seen anything like us before or they were in absolute shock.

I’m not sure why. They both know us.

He ackowledged and appreciated my nice rack and my nice ass. He did not bring the toy, which was fine – Next time **hint, hint**



Double date, round #2

We made plans to fix up two of our friends – He told me THE MOST AWESOME little story/compliment I have ever heard – It might have been a tie – It’s hard to top a dying man’s compliment – but they were so similar….and it just makes me so happy as a human being…

He said he told his friend, ‘You are going love Mindy – It’s just the kind of girl she is’ – …


I’m sure there was more to the story after that, but my brain stopped there.

I am??!!! He would???!!! 


Our date was to take place at the Scottsdale Gun Club. My dream of becoming Lara Croft and/or Black Widow, supreme badass with a firearm, was about to come true!!

What did I wear?

I chose my Fabletics black leggings with the camouflage stripe down the side, black push-up bra with white tank top …

(FYI – cleavage does not get in Lara Croft’s way)… 

…knee-high “Warrior” socks, and black combat boots.

…I thought this would be proper attire for an evening at the shooting range…

I felt supremely badass, and he grabbed my ass properly on each gun exchange. 🙂

We used an AR15 and a handgun. I really liked the handgun. I did so well firing the weapon that night, probably because of my badass attire, that I think he was actually proud of me.

I had to hang my target in my apartment to show off my new skill.

We really had so much fun! So he invited me to shoot with him again Sunday with his other brother.



We went to Ben Avery, an outdoor shooting range, and took the rifle too.

What did I wear?

My Fabletics full camouflage leggings, camo sports bra, and hot pink tank top, with black combat boots…

…you know, proper attire for a Sunday morning of shooting…

camo leggings

One of the range workers came over to me to tell me a story about hot shell casings dropping down a girl’s top once, and she had to remove her top – He felt he needed to warn me.

I thanked him for the heads-up and told him I had no problem taking my top off, if that were to happen.

Captain Amazing and I laughed. He said, “You know he just wanted to look down your shirt.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “It’s my contribution to the less fortunate.” 

I loved the rifle, by the way. He warned me that the kick on it could possibly dislocate my shoulder if I didn’t hold it right.

I gladly accepted his instruction – and with the first pull of that trigger – OMG – It was so awesome! I loved the power!

We spent a few hours there – so much fun – but then it was time to go. We went straight to watch football.

After the afternoon games, we went back to his place, cleaned ourselves up, and read sex articles to each other… Then we walked to the Olive Garden so we could eat a relatively healthy dinner, drink and watch the evening game.



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