(Side Note) – New Project – TEST:

The audio version. I’m testing my confidence at recording myself. I kind of like it. 🙂

This was one take – so I just left it as is.



I decided to send Captain Amazing an email this morning –

I had a few items on my agenda that required discussion. When I finished composing my note (I love writing notes), I decided that it was blog-worthy.

…and since this blog is a journey inside the mind and day-in-the-life of a Goddess, well it’s only fitting that I share my deeply personal correspondence with the man who shares my prolific philosophical musings…and taste in beverages…

shot of whiskey

Subject: Schedule and a potential girl for Dr. S

..and a funny just because…

Good morning, Captain! Grab your coffee –

I’m performing my standard back-of-the-house tasks of the massage business.

Since I only applied approximately 20 minutes of pressure to your
trigger points on Monday, I owe you more time, although I didn’t
complete the transaction in my books, so as of right now, that was a session
between friends because I care (don’t tell yourself I said that).

I did, however, like the efficacy of that technique – so much so that
I’m plotting its use for regular clients in my studio and charging a bundle for it.

Would you be willing to undergo another session like that (and/or just
the standard on-the-table) this weekend?

New potential for Dr. S – if we are still pursuing pimpitude

I have a new friend who is intriguing and interesting, and she and I have bonded philosophically.

She is my age to possibly 5 years older (so about 900-905 years old) – has one son who is in college, studying abroad in Ireland at the moment.

She is a workout junkie, therefore fit and attractive – (I’ll work on getting a photo) and has intellectual opinions, and we have stimulating metaphysical conversations.

I don’t know her position on guns. Or on being set up –

I had the idea last night just before I went to bed at 6:30 (not kidding – I went to bed that early).

There is nobody on the radar for Mr. Luge, however – They don’t meet his ridiculously clashing criteria of young, thin, super hot, loves sex, not looking for long term –  YET intelligent, super cool, likes to go do guy stuff, drama-free, looking for long-term –

There is only one ME!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!

i was riding my unicorn

JK – even I don’t qualify because I’m 900 years old.


I attached a photo that he didn’t see because he is wisely not on Facebook.


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