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Today, I was interviewed by Ken and Ted of Dumbbells and Dragons. Please follow them on Twitter @DumbbellsDragons, Facebook – nerdastic time!

Now I can say that I’ve been interviewed OFFICIALLY, not fictionally. I do need more practice.

So this was how I was originally going to answer the questions – we went a little off the cuff, and then Ted figured out that the rating was not going to be PG –

I mean, my personal trainer right now is from LELO – and it trains my core muscles via my vagina.

Let me just make this clear – I “talk” about sex and pleasure because it is part of who we are as spiritual beings, as human beings.

Life is a rich tapestry of yumminess, and if we deny who we are or live repressed, then there will be holes…

…we will be zombies, with no feeling, with no substance, with no connection.

Fake smile in the streets … scared and lonely between the sheets.

I’ve already done that to myself – I’m liberating the great people of this planet to SPEAK, SING, reach your orgasmic potential so you can celebrate LIVING! …and have a tribe of fun people around you. #challengeaccepted

…and Kegels are important exercises anyway – and if Jane Fonda can teach them on YouTube and talk about how the urethra works, then I can step it up and not tiptoe around the real subject…how to improve my technique in the sport of champions. 🙂

Tell us a little about yourself and your fitness/life/work/career.

How am I supposed to get that done in an hour?? I was named the Goddess of Healing by one of my clients 2 years ago, actually before he met me, and I just ran with it. I like it because as a massage therapist, I have been a healing practitioner, and as a human being, I’m in a constant state of healing…so it goes both ways.

I’m a Sagittarius, so I am a flirty free spirit. I love to have fun. I’m also a super-hero – I’m a single mom and have done some pretty brave things, which I didn’t consider to be brave at the time that I did them – like traveling by myself, ending relationshits, ziplining, talking to strangers, etc.

Fitness career began because I worked out – I made working out look fun – and the other country club moms saw the changes in my appearance, so they joined in the fun. I started training other people and teaching. I like classes and small groups because I like being on stage – Hard to believe 🙂

Let us get started with a lighter topic so our listeners can get to know you a little better. One of my favorite questions to ask guests is who is your favorite fictional hero or superhero, and why?

I love badass chicks – any gal that can kick the crap out of a group of guys rocks! I played Tomb Raider before it was a movie, and I wanted to be like Lara Croft – I also liked her outfit. Of course, Black Widow is awesome. I’ve recently discovered I have a natural talent for firing weapons, so I am aspiring to be like them.

Oh, and Mystique – anybody who can walk around naked elegantly wearing just paint
I must be like her.

Fitness Questions

Where did you get your start towards being fit/working out/ into whatever you are into?

Let’s take a trip back to high school – Sophomore/Junior year –

Oh yeah, nothing says “fitness” like leg warmers and a leotard with a belt …

…and the classic Jane Fonda’s Workout – .


Seriously, I lost the baby-fat with that little gem..They made us do the workout in gym class because back in the day in that school, we had gender-segregated PE class. So we could do our pelvic lifts (bridges) without the boys bothering us.

…and then after that, Senior year, I moved to a new state – so in order to meet boys, I took a weightlifting class that started earlier than the rest of the school – I ran to school, took the class (I was one of two girls in that class) – and learned to lift weights –

…not in a belted leotard but in my Van Halen sparkly spandex 🙂

Beyond that, I just did what I could when I could to look great on vacation, to lose pregnancy weight, etc.

– and then I shifted my perspective and started training for an event, not just to look good when it suited me. My first event was the 3-Day, walking 60 miles in 3 days. I’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff since – but I’ve stuck with fitness for over 10 years now consistently.

I became a personal trainer after being with my trainer for 2 years, and we gained a following of people wanting to work out with us.

My “thing” was having fun exercising – and I do not half-ass it. My classes had music themes, like Weird Al, Sunglasses At Night, Catch The Bad Guys, Battle Of The Bands. I taught all ages, all fitness levels, all functional training.

Sometimes, I would surprise my students with Bud Light Real Men of Genius Commercials intermixed with the songs – It was their queue to fetch water.

When in your life did you experience failure? Or was there a time all you wanted to do was give up? Tell us that story.

Does the day end in the letter “Y”???

I have experienced divorce – so failed marriage and failed finances, that was basically apocalyptic. I’ve endured career changes, and I’m going through one now.

I trained for a figure competition and didn’t make it to the stage because it was July, and my body said “No – I must have water.” I’ve had self-image issues my entire life…

What did those failures teach you?

The truth is, real failure is just giving up and not getting back up. I always get up.

I make shifts; I adjust and adapt.

I find the humor in the so-called tragedy. I’ve learned that I have a unique talent and a unique voice – and my perspective on life and the world around me is not shared by many people but it is embraced once they hear it. It’s novel – and I never knew that.

I know that if I hadn’t experienced divorce, which was death because my life changed suddenly in an instant, like being stabbed or hit by a car, I wouldn’t have discovered and celebrated my life and how to really live it.

In a way, I’m like Wolverine – I regenerate; I don’t really die.

Do you have a favorite mantra or motto you would like to share with our listeners?

I use “challenge accepted” a lot. I have so many other little funnies that keep me going – but I have to say “Do it” would be toward the top – Short for “do or do not, there is no try” – that’s kind of my attitude. “Fuck it” is another classic.

I do high-five myself when I accomplish things.

Finally, what gets you up in the morning? What really drives you to wake up and tackle the new day?

My alarm gets me up in the morning, and if I decide to sleep in, which is only when I’m with Captain Amazing, the sun gets me up. …and then I get him up 🙂

I’m always up first. It’s my “me” time. I pay myself first. If I wait until I’m done working – I’m too tired to enjoy my life. So I enjoy my life first and then take care of the other stuff. …

…If I have the good fortune to visit Captain Amazing after work, well then I get to end the day very well as well.

I treat each day as a new life unto itself…I live for the moments. A walk to Whole Foods is a celebrated event in my life. 

Nerd Questions

Getting more towards our nerd side, what are you nerding out about right now? Is there a movie, or book, or Comic Con coming up you’re really psyched about?

I took my kids to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” at Disneyland when it opened – awesome. I love The LEGO Movie . Avengers 2 opens May 1st, my daughter’s birthday…

And we are all going to see Marvel Universe Live – I told Captain Amazing I would go in costume, and he could pick the costume –

He chose “Mystique” and said that he would buy the paint – and I said, Challenge Accepted – so I’m training for a marathon in order to prepare for that role.

That is the Phoenix Marathon on February 28 – and it will be my first full.

What will I wear?? I just don’t know yet…

If you had to be one superhero in a Battle Royale, where all the superheroes/villains across all universes are put on earth as it is today and told to battle to the death, who would you be, and why?

That’s so tricky – I’m learning to love myself as a superhero, so boring or not, I’d pick being me – with a fantastic costume, of course, and perhaps some added powers, like controlling the weather and being able to fly. And then we would have to have a really great composer: Hans Zimmer or Henry Jackman scoring the entire battle – lots of drums.

If you could train with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

That’s easy – Chuck Norris – the answer is always Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris uses the Earth’s core to make toast.
Chuck Norris can simply walk into Mordor.

You find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, fighting for survival from predators, both human and animal, what do you do to maintain your fitness and what one weapon would you want for protection?

That’s two separate questions – For maintaining fitness in a post-apocalyptic setting – plyometrics, monkeybars, getting up off the ground, military crawls, jumping over stuff, picking up heavy things – really surviving would be enough. I wouldn’t care about muscle symmetry or how good my belted leotard looked.

Zombie Apocalypse workout is excellent too.

For weapon – I have 2 super powers. The first is my intuition – But I have another, and it’s more powerful – My creativity. So I would use that as my one weapon because of it’s versatility – offensive and defensive – gets me out of a jam – then I can create anything at any time…kind of like MacGyver.

Do you have one resource, app, or piece of equipment you can really get behind and refer to our listeners?

Chuck Norris, a jackhammer, a glock, and a smile 🙂  Oh and LELO for all your playtime needs – great gifts!

Let’s not forget – Kettlebells, TRX, Tabatta timer, great shoes, a hair tie, a paperclip, and duct tape.

Where can people connect with you?

My blog is my favorite space and it’s being turned into a book, so I’m excited about that. I’m on Facebook. My friend page is more fun than my fan page – but I’ll take friends and fans. Twitter is kinda crazy. My kids are supposed to be teaching me Instagram, which shouldn’t be that hard, I just don’t stay connected all the time.

NOT LINKDIN – ugh, that site keeps wanting me to connect with my ex-husband, and I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

Blog: goddessofhealing.me
FB: facebook.com/mindy.neal1
FB: facebook.com/goddessofhealing
Work: goddessofhealing.guru
Twitter: @MindyNeal

Oh, and I send love notes almost every day to my subscribers. I’d love more subscribers because they are really fun for me to do >> click here to sign up.

And finally, to cap things off — what parting advice do you have for everyone out there listening to Dumbbells & Dragons Podcasts?

Play, laugh, and talk – have great sex that’s playful, makes you laugh, and that you can talk about -with at the very least the person you’re doing it with ….

….soooo, I talk to myself a lot!!

ha ha!!

And fitness is playing! If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing.


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