A-Z Blog Challenge, Day #4 

 Letter D 

There are so many words I could use for D – distraction, delicious, diligent, domestic…

How about “Darn The Luck” because I am now behind on my posts!

But depth is probably the most appropriate and most inclusive of everything that is going on. 

Why am I behind? Well, I went on an unexpected technology off-grid weekend. Had I known that I was going to do that, I would have been prepared. 

Nevertheless, here is the story:

Friday afternoon: I emailed Dr. Z, whom I friended via Captain Amazing, to invite him for coffee at some point during the weekend. With it being Easter, not having my kids, Captain Amazing having his…the assumption that I would spend the entire weekend alone was a safe bet. 

Even with a million friends, when a gal or guy is single, most friends are doing “family stuff” during a holiday weekend. 

Unlike the other holidays I endured in the last 6 months flying way too solo for comfort, I decided to be a bit more proactive and at least have an hour of social time so I didn’t feel like a complete outcast. 

Friday evening:  I had the awesome opportunity to have quality alone time. I had a lot of tedious computer work to do, so I pulled my Ipad out and fired up Netflix…I watched “The Way” which is a bucket list trip for me (the Camino) while I typed…

…I had also brought home with me a new toy from CA’s – he bought it for me on our last shopping outing…I made sure I brought the charger too. It’s a very powerful bullet-type vibrator, shaped like a rocket ship.

Back in the day, when I purchased my second toy, I selected “Majestic Purple” because I wanted something with a little more depth

It turns out that when I’m on my own, that kind of depth doesn’t do much for me, which surprises me! 

Some things I just like to save for the REAL deal – and Captain Amazing has got it! 


I met Dr. Z for shooting Saturday morning, and when I arrived at the gun club, he said, “Guess who I ran into on my way here?”

I looked at him and asked, “Who?”

It could have been anybody. I didn’t know…

He looked at me with a look of “Duh..”

I was drawing a blank – and asked again, “Who?”

Then he told me he bumped into Captain Amazing on the way there. They chatted, and CA asked him what he was doing.

Dr. Z replied, “I’m going shooting with your girlfriend.”

I kind of cringed when he said that. I wasn’t sure how CA was going handle the label of “girlfriend.” 

My kids have been corrected enough that they use finger air-quotes when they say something like…

“Mom your [finger air-quotes] ‘boyfriend’ [also insert snide sarcastic voice inflection] is doing … (whatever he is doing or saying) … since you’re not [finger air-quotes] ‘labeling it’ [also insert snide sarcastic voice inflection].”

That pretty much sums it up 🙂 

Anyway, that was my big concern – not that I was having a coffee/shooting outing with a friend of CA’s…but that I was referred to as his [finger air-quotes] ‘girlfriend’ [also insert snide sarcastic voice inflection]. 

After the shooting session, which was super fun, I shot a text to CA to give him a summary of my shooting performance, since I did quite well and was a performance worth summarizing. 

“Hey – I shot well today. Tried a new grip and new stance and did a drill. I wasn’t good at the drill though. Hope you boys had a good breakfast!”

The discussion over coffee with Dr. Z had a lot of depth – We talked about relationshits versus REALationships, my philosophies on each, my empire of wellness and healing, and I shared some stories and offered to assist him in writing his own “Love Manifesto,” since that is one of my service offerings. 

He then made the astute observation that he wished he could take all the good pieces from everyone he’s dated and put them together into the “perfect” mate.

“THAT’S IT!” I exclaimed. “That’s exactly what you do.” 

It was time for me to dash to work for 6 hours of tedious massage (the countdown is on), but with lovely people, so at least I was spending the day with people I enjoy! 

I pulled out my phone and saw CA’s reply from my earlier text.

He replied: “Very nice. All good and we’re now bouncing. Glad you had fun :-)”

I texted back: “Thanks. Yeah, I didn’t want to spend the whole weekend by myself.” 

I’m not sure I felt compelled to say that – I didn’t mean anything by it. It was just a factual statement. 

I began my work…and I saw he had replied: “All good – You’re a big girl now!” 

I giggled! It was so funny. Then I had the Huggies pull-ups jingle stuck in my head: “I’m a big kid now!”

When I had a chance, I said – “he he!” 

…to which he replied that he was going to Costco and did I need anything….


WHAT???!!! Where did that come from???

I did need toilet paper and dishwasher soap – so that’s what I said. He then asked if I was free in the evening and would I like to join him and his boys for dinner. 


I left work and met the boys at the restaurant. 

First thing – he put his arm around me (?????) and said, “I wasn’t going to leave you alone for the weekend.” (???????) 

“Um, ok.” ….and so my unexpected off-grid weekend began…(to be continued)…

I might be a bit out of my depth here…


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