Career Aspirations – Part II

As of today, May 24, 2015, I have 4 massages left to finish up my massage therapy career. It’s been something I’ve been planning for over a year. It’s terrifying!

And explains my conspicuous absence from the blog I love so very, very much.

As I rekindle my fond love affair with myself and my blog, I have to share something rather “special,” possibly “special needs,” which I CAN say and remain within the realm of political correctness since my son is special needs.

I have co-created Wild Women Of Wellness, where I have finally determined the new word – opposite of relationshit, which is “real”ationship. We have created an 8-week online program, with a musical theme, much like a Broadway Show, and the greatest idea I’ve ever had coming to life – a true “choose your own adventure” and story book that you write yourself, to heal yourself.

As I developed this idea and brightened the light bulb over my head, which was more like a neon bar sign, and worked with my Infusionsoft coach, I discovered I found a big corporation that I actually have an affinity for.

And the more I learned, studying every video I could get my hands on, the more I thought – “I would work for this company.”

So I took a big giant step toward that, went to their website, and discovered they are hiring – oooo lucky me. Of course, I had to pull up my old job application from last year, so they can see that I’m not a one-off.

I shared the company and the video of their culture with Youngest, who said, “Wow, you’d do so good there.” 

So I went through the questions. I didn’t copy them because I didn’t know I would be posting this, but I’ll try to remember the best I can. (IQ=Infusionsoft Question. MA=My Answer)

IQ: 1. If you could be a cereal, what would you be?

MA: I would love to be a Froot Loop because I’m goofy, fruity, and colorful. However, I’m not artificial anything. I’m as REAL as it gets.

I could be Frosted Flakes because I’m GRRRRREAT! And if a tiger wearing an ascot describes me with such enthusiasm, that’s just awesome.

I’m definitely NOT Cinnamon Toast Crunch because I am not a cannibal.

Youngest offered a suggested question, which I did put into my application. If we are going for REAL here, then let’s do it – Go BIG or go home!

She suggested they simply ask: “Marvel or DC? If so, why.” …and then not hire anybody who says DC.

There were questions asking me how I encourage others to live their dreams, and well that was like asking me how I breathe in and out every day. Nobody should work like in an environment like Joe Versus The Volcano or live in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Here is the recap from last year. Enjoy.

I have to finish the mind-map and links for my technical work of art that combines hiking and adventure retreats with Hero’s Journeys and lots of feeling words.


In true daring, confident cat form – and to launch my writing exposure
and prowess, I responded to an email, in which the sender said he
was hiring.

I love working for myself, but working online and writing every day on
subject matter that I’ve been studying my entire life for someone else
and having the chance to learn and hone my internet marketing skills –

Well, I just couldn’t sit around and think, “Gee, I might not get it.”

No, in my true daring confident cat form, I responded – I was going to
make sure that Mr. Publisher noticed me.

His initial call to action was this:

Subject: We are HIRING — have what it takes?

We are HIRING!

If you are interested in part-time or potentially full time employment in
my e-publishing company, working from the leisure of your own home,
working your own hours and being part of a GREAT team, we want to
hear from you!

Please take the time to read through the job description and be 100%
certain that this is something you would be interested in BEFORE

We are looking for PASSIONATE people!


He went on to list the qualifications and tasks required, which I will
share with you in my response, so you don’t have to read everything
twice. 🙂 You’re welcome!

Here is my reply, which I sent from my Ipad (note the signature):


Subject: RE: Do I have what it takes?

Yes Mr. Publisher- I most certainly do have what it takes. You asked for
one paragraph; however, the eye flows with white space, so I’ve broken
that paragraph into smaller pieces.

Let’s take a little walk, shall we?

Please step into my “office.” As a female entrepreneur, massage therapist,
former personal trainer, and writing/marketing goddess, I am absolutely
qualified to assist your operations manager.

I have the talent, skill, and passionate enthusiasm to undertake your
requests and go the extra mile.

I am fully committed to the transition from one-on-one client inspirational
work to magnifying my online presence and income potential through writing,
affiliate programs, social media, and amplifying my overall presence through
speaking engagements.

With this exciting opportunity you are offering me, we can create a successful
relationship that will support each of us in aspiring to new heights in our

Please have a seat.

I have attached my wonderful resume, which you can sit back and peruse
at your leisure. You can also read some of my blog posts.

I am going to fetch some coffee. Would you like some while you read? No?
OK, I know how busy you must be with this request you sent out.

Have a very lovely day, Mr. Publisher. I’m looking forward to chatting
with you more!

~Mindy Neal, aka The Goddess of Healing.


I’ll go over each of the qualifications, just so you have that for your records.
My responses are in red.

– English as first language –  yes, baby talk actually being first.
– Involved in fitness –  yes, fitness nut, cross-fit competitor and former certified personal trainer.
– Able to write persuasive emails and has good copywriting skills. “Come with me if you want to not die.”  – borrowed that line from the Lego Movie 🙂
– Very attentive to details.  Nearly OCD, in a good way.
– Extremely organized. My folders are in folders.
– Responsible, reliable and trustworthy. I depend upon myself and I’m the mother of three (one autistic) teens.  I’ve also handled thousands of dollars in cash in former professions.
– A good team player. “Team” is my middle name. Not really, it’s Suebut don’t tell anyone.
– Eager to learn and improve your skills. Yes!!!
– Able to accept constructive comments and feedback while staying positive Yes, I can take a deep breath and look at situations from all angles.
– Fast learner and being able to adapt to different situations on a regular basis. Very adaptable.
– Able to follow instructions. Are they illustrated?
– Knowledge of WordPress, GetReponse and Aweber (or other mailing
provider), and standard programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
I haven’t used GetResponse, but the others YES – I have also used Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.
– Graphic Design skills an asset. I make my own pins on Pinterest.

– Sent from my tablet of awesomeness –


By the way, I got the job 🙂

I would love to hear from YOU ~

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